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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. akleyla

    Belt sizes

    I have a 3 spindle mower deck thats 42" and I need the belt number for the mower deck and the PTO belt to mower deck numbers please an ty. Im getting confused looking at so many bet numbers an not sure which ones. I think this one is for the PTO to deck IH-473462-R4 and this one is for the...
  2. akleyla

    Added a 104

    Ty, I'm looking forward to doing some restoration on it soon.
  3. akleyla

    head bolt torques

    Ty for that info...I knew they were k241 engines an 10 hp but wasn't sure what the torque sequence was an how many ft lbs it was.
  4. akleyla

    head bolt torques

    Thank you. I truly appreciate the help.
  5. akleyla

    head bolt torques

    I cant seem to find the head bolt specs for torques and order....I need to replace my head gasket on the newest 104 i picked up... Ive been off the forum awhile so its like learning it all over again. Any help id appreciate please an Thank you in advance.
  6. akleyla

    Added a 104

    So I added another 104 to my cub family. The tractor used to belong to my exes grandfather an then dad. I let them.use my plow since I had a thrower for mine and when.i divorced many years ago I didn't get it back. So for $50 I got my plow,and the 104 with a 42" mower deck.
  7. akleyla

    New Here

    Welcome from Mooresville, hope ya can find what you're looking for.
  8. akleyla

    All Things Deer

    This year's buck for me, ended up taking my number 3 . Have 2 in the freezer this year, like 1 more maybe in late archery.
  9. akleyla

    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    The points finally burnt. I installed new points an condenser an new plug and it fired right up. It didn't like the .18 gap so I bumped it to .20 an run awesome. Points were 30 years old. You would think they would last longer 🙄...😆
  10. akleyla

    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    Awesome ty. I wasn't positive on the .25 so glad I asked.
  11. akleyla

    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    Ive not had to change them in like over 20 years I think...so those were a good set I had put in...
  12. akleyla

    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    Ive checked all the wires so far , they seem to be fine. Ive not had to change any of them for many years....so im guessing its due.
  13. akleyla

    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    Ty for the reply. Tractor has been sitting since October an when I need it most I get no spark. So im changing new coil an points an condenser. If thats not it it has to be the coil....
  14. akleyla

    Plug gap for points on a 10 HP K241

    Ive looked everywhere for the gap but havent found it in my book. I want to say its .18 or .20 ? Also what is the plug gap .25 ? Ty in advance :)
  15. akleyla

    CW-36 Snow Thrower auger bearings Replaced!

    I did this same repair on the auger bearings a few years ago on a cw-36. I had to cut off the shear pin bracket as well but managed to get it re-welded back in place which wasn't easy at all. I like how you drilled the sprocket out instead it just seems much more secure this way. How soft of a...
  16. akleyla

    How Cold Is IT?

    It was 80 Saturday 84 on Sunday 81 Monday and this morning it was 64 at 7 am going to be 78 today. I was in ny deer stand in shorts on Saturday and Sunday evening hunts. I mowed the yard yesterday and then powerwashed the 104 an deck to get the deck painted and ready for next spring. Going to...
  17. akleyla

    Cc 104 cranks but won't start

    Looks like a head bolt is missing or broken off. Do a compression test to see what you get anyways. Next thing id do is install a new set of points. If it sat for 10 years points are either bad or dirty. If it was mine I'd prolly pull the carb off an clean it then after all that it should fire.
  18. akleyla

    All Things Deer

    Heres a smaller 6 I let walk by 2 weeks ago. Still waiting to see one of my shooter bucks.
  19. akleyla

    Snow blower drive pulley

    My guess is you have some bad bearings somewhere. That happened to mine a few years ago.
  20. akleyla

    Archive through January 19, 2019

    Ok got it figured out. The solenoid had some corrosion on it so I cleaned everything up and put it back together and started right up. Rained all day yesterday but finally turned to snow. May have a drift or two to clean later today. Be the first snow this year to use it on. I miss the old days...