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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. rjruchti

    MOD. 782

    $300 to much? Guess that depends if they are laying around all over the place or one has to really hunt to find one decent enough to make into something. I looked for over 3 years to find one that had not already been refurbished or better for under a grand. They are not that plentiful around...
  2. rjruchti

    Ground hornets

    When on the farm we would take a stick long enough to reach the next from a safe distance, wrap an old burlap sack around it and tie it with wire. soak it up good with waste oil and gas, lite it and hold it over the nest, or up to the nest. The would attack the fire and not bother the stick or...
  3. rjruchti

    Hydraulic fluid help

    Northland makes the fluid for the majority of the implement companies, Case IH, John Deere, etc. Can still get the Northland Hytran from any Northland dealer. Northland oil is it Waterloo, Iowa. Long established company.
  4. rjruchti

    Battery cut-off swt

    I use an inline fuel shut of also. I like to put them between the fuel pump (if applicable) and the fuel tank. Keeps the pump primed and makes for faster starting amd less wear on the starter.
  5. rjruchti

    Fire Ants!

    I feel for any on down South that has to deal with Fire Ants. A friend retired to Florida and stood on a Fir Ant hill while golfing. Was in the hospital for several days. Up here in the Midwest we have a insecticide called Tempo. I use it all around the house, IN the house and all over. Very...
  6. rjruchti

    Do Carburetors wear out?

    I have used nothing but 10% Ethanol since the day it come out. WITH STA-BIL . Everything for chain saws (3) trim mowers (2) line trimmers (3) riding mowers (2) garden tractors several, my truck, and everything else that uses gas. Not one problem in over 30 years. I don't store or park my...
  7. rjruchti

    Hello Forum

    Last year my neighbor purchased on of Vermeer's new self propelled hay bailers. Rolls up some nice big round bales for sure. And can that thinng eat up a windrow of hay. He puts 3-16" conditioner swaths in one row of heavy hay. Quite the machine for farmers that have use for a high producing...
  8. rjruchti

    Ideal Blade Tip Speed?

    Ground speed has a lot to do with the quality of cut. Forget those stupid JD commercials. Don't try and mow your lawn like a golf green. 2" is short enough. Add that to what several other have mentioned and you will probably get along just fine. Good luck.
  9. rjruchti

    New Member with 71

    Try a stronger penetrant on the clutch. I like PB Blaster. Let soak at least a day or two. Put some down that set screw hole also. Keep it wet and soaking. Some times it takes time to get things to loosen up.
  10. rjruchti

    129 vs. 2082

    So how much difference in fuel consumption are we talking 6 hours of mowing? Couple quarts - $1.50 at most. Most spill more than that.
  11. rjruchti

    Tractor Wanted WANTED red 582 non Special

    I have made more thn one all day round trip after a tractor I wanted. The longer one waits the harder they are to find. Get while the getting is good and there.
  12. rjruchti


    Use regular jumper cables, attach one end to the battery, other end - neg to a good ground on the engine. touch the Pos to the large cable nut on the S/g. It should spin over good. If not check the junper connections. If they are good then your battery is week or bad. That eliminates...
  13. rjruchti

    Snow Thrower Tangles W/Dog Toy 🤣. This was a Pain in the Ars

    :oca; Coop has a pile of corn outside every year as it come in faster than thay can dry it down and ship it out.. They use a rear mounted snow blower to keep moving the pile toward the loading elevator, which is a wide belt type elevator. Loaded im semis and hauled to St Joe, then on to barges...
  14. rjruchti

    Starting your cub in COLD weather.

    Definitely no starting fluid if there are glow plugs in the engine. Gas engine is ok but don't get carried away with a lot of starting fluid.
  15. rjruchti

    Funny Ads

    I think that high lift one has been modified. Normally the cylinders were vertical with a cable from the tractor frame to a pulley on the top of the ram and down to the arm of the loader. Loaded a lot of manure with one on a Farmall Regular and later an F20.
  16. rjruchti

    Cold Start

    I have not seen where the difference is other than a name. I have used 2 of the HF battery maintainers, on on a camper and another on a tractor and have had good luck with both. So what makes the big name brands better than HF?
  17. rjruchti

    Iowa Cub Cadet

    Welcome to the group Austin from SW Iowa.
  18. rjruchti

    All Things Deer

    Got to be careful with bobe traps too. A farmer set up a bobe trap with a shot gun inside his empty farm house several years ago. He got the intruder but the intruders family got the farmers farm.
  19. rjruchti


    Internal snap ring pliers for the snap rings with the hole in the ends.
  20. rjruchti

    All Things Deer

    I missed the modern gun season up here due to weather conditions. Strong wind, rain, etc. never sw a deer that whole week and usually see them every day. Had back trouble durning the best part of the bow season as well as the wife being in recovery mode from knee replacement. Have bow season...