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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. J

    Junk yard save (tiller)

    Stumbled across a CC tiller at the junk yard yesterday (a JD one as well) no right angle drive, but has extension to make it wider. Doesn't show much use. Apparently it had been there quite some time, from what he said
  2. J

    782 Cub Cadet Excessive oil in Air Filter

    Honing a cylinder is best left to a capable individual with a Sunnen hone. I fixed a 14hp Kohler that had been tapered horribly and cylinder scratched in a botched overhaul. Was afraid I would have to go all the way to .030 to get it to clean up, but just as I got to .020 it cleaned up The...
  3. J

    Building a "Super 71". Looking for Input.

    I would do a combination sleeve hitch/three point, why limit yourself?
  4. J


    I've watched a lot of Frank's videos, but none on the grader. He should have shortened it up right in front of the operators station. I used to run a low profile grader underground, even the beam would pivot right in front of the operators station, for operating in tight spaces. It was all...
  5. J

    18 H.P Command or Magnum

    I'll take the simplicity of the Magnums. I do like the sound of my 18 Command
  6. J

    Gardens 2023

    Black walnuts are taking over here, sprout everywhere. I planted a Butternut tree (white walnut) 15 years ago and it just produced first crop this year, husked them but haven't cracked any yet.
  7. J

    Lincoln Illinois Plow Day - October 28, 2023

    Too bad it is 4 hours away from me
  8. J

    New in Illinois

    The classics go for about 3-500 here, unless it is something unusual. Too many don't appreciate what they are
  9. J

    1882 opinions

    I seem to be in a SGT desert, finally found a less than pristine 2082, would buy that one in an instant.
  10. J

    1450 vibrations

    I don't see what the rotary table achieves that a lathe can't do. They are both working at 90 degrees. To get a rotary to work otherwise, it would have to be mounted on a sine plate.
  11. J

    1450 vibrations

    I'm guessing that the interrupted cuts on a lathe are the problem? The crank being hard enough that when the tool bit wouldn't enter smoothly? The reference to "poorly balanced" 16hp came from observations of others that the 16 hp may have pushed the design too far, with it working better on...
  12. J

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    At the risk of heresy.........................a local man had gotten a new 1650 back in the day and he was lamenting that he wasn't sure it was better than the MF 12 that it replaced. He did gripe about having to change the belt of the MF.
  13. J

    rusty primer

    I've been using Ospho to stabilize/convert rust for a while..................I let it set much longer than what the directions say, once it is washed off.
  14. J

    1450 vibrations

    How does it work on the 16 hp, which had a reputation for being poorly balanced, in comparison to the others?
  15. J

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    How about the notorious MF 7.......................? They must have been cheap, due to the 7 hp motor, which was short lived. Pretty good machine otherwise........................most all got a B&S 8 hp replacement and ran a long time. A neighbor down the road was a dealer, he left the country...
  16. J

    Cub prices

    They don't seem to command the prices anymore.....................I blame it on the younger generation an their desire for the latest and greatest A loss of appreciation for what CC are
  17. J

    Wheels & studs

    Long tapered punch, stick it through wheel into axle and line everything up
  18. J

    New mower is a piece of junk so far!

    I bought a Scag Tiger Cat to do the mowing with, being 56 at the time, I figured it would be my last mower and should outlast me before needing any real serious repairs. It won't get over 25 hours a year This year the deck switch shot crap, no more hours than it has that is pretty crappy for a...
  19. J

    Gardens 2023

    I dug some garlic last week, it is just starting to die back I've have to dig a few bulbs at night, seems to be a yellow jacket nest in the ground
  20. J

    Do Carburetors wear out?

    I went crazy using Sta-bil quite some years ago, put it in several of the H's..........................it seemed to glue the floats in place and I had trouble with the ones that had been treated, the tractors that weren't treated were ok. Race/airplane gas is the only thing that stores well...