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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. Rene Smythe

    Parts Wanted Headlamp Switch

    On the switch terminal that the wire with the fuse attaches is sparking. I have taken it off, cleaned the terminal but it still will not work. Might try to put a new connector on to see if that helps. Thanks for asking!
  2. Rene Smythe

    Parts Wanted Headlamp Switch

    Sorry, memory problems since a stroke. Our Cub Cadet is: 1974 IH Cub Cadet 169. Do not need a knob - thanks for pointing that out...
  3. Rene Smythe

    Parts Wanted Headlamp Switch

    Looking for a headlamp switch for our 1974 IH Cub Cadet...
  4. Rene Smythe


    My solenoid split apart at the small wire (see pic). Ordered a new one but now the tractor, IH Cub Cadet 169 has no lights. Could the fuse under the dash, requiring the gas tank to be removed, be blown? Incidentally, the Mazda Miata battery, recommended by Digger lasted 10 years! Got a new...
  5. Rene Smythe

    Funny Ads

    I agree but you did not read my comments. I cannot find a way of posting a new thread as it wants recipients and I do not know what to put in there...
  6. Rene Smythe

    Funny Ads

    Posted two pictures of a new and old solenoid with a question? It wants recipients in the post and I have no clue of what that is so I posted elsewhere. I did NOT receive any comments either about a solenoid nor how to compose a message - why?
  7. Rene Smythe

    Hello new to the forum glad to be here

    I tried a new post but it requires a "recipient" of which I do NOT understand. My Cub Cadet has been hard starting, finally hearing a clicking noise like a solenoid. My wife removed the gas tank so I could see where the solenoid was. Took it off and found the small wire had busted out of the...
  8. Rene Smythe

    Finally! 169 done.

    Absolutely stunning! Where did you get the seat? Ours is long gone except the metal. We desperately need rear tires too plus taillights..
  9. Rene Smythe

    Finally! 169 done.

    Where did you get the seat? Ours is long gone except the metal. We desperately need rear tires too.. Absolutely stunning!
  10. Rene Smythe


    The rear tires on our Cub Cadet 169 are beyond shot. I ran across an add somewhat locally for two rear tires, 25x10x12. Our tires are 23x10.5x12. Is there a rim difference?
  11. Rene Smythe

    Parts For Sale Rear Tires

    (Had to select a category or I could not post) After five months of our Cubby in the shop, we got it back yesterday. Had several issues including not being able to get the unit to charge. Had to manufacture a bracket that holds a spring that was broken out, rebuild carb, rebuild drive control...
  12. Rene Smythe

    Funny Ads

    For those that have turn signals and they quit working:
  13. Rene Smythe

    Need new battery

    We got tired of the "garden" batteries from the auto parts that had a three month warranty. Digger recommended a Mazda Miata battery which was three times as much money purchased May 2014 along with two terminal connectors and it still holds a charge even though the voltage regulator has not...
  14. Rene Smythe

    Need new battery

    Funny you mention leaky posts. I had an Interstate battery in my Yanmar for 16 years. One day it didn't start and the battery positive post was black. Nobody here ever experienced that. I bought a new Interstate battery from Costco only to find out they are made in China. Out of three...
  15. Rene Smythe

    Best Carb Cleaner

    Long gone but in my day everyone used Partsdip - same setup - gallon container with a basket inside...
  16. Rene Smythe

    Scrapping out CC 169

    We'll know in a couple of weeks. The shop is real busy but he found out some problems. The carb had to be rebuilt of which we knew. The transmission linkage had a broken spring and missing nut which was locking the left brake. He got it up and running and it now goes back into reverse! After...
  17. Rene Smythe

    Picture of my Cub Cadets

    Love your collection! My wife and I are curious as to the top tractor with the bucket. If you lift the bucket, will the rear wheels come off the ground? What models are they? Thank you!
  18. Rene Smythe

    Funny Ads

    Too bad you're not in California - I would've gotten it by now! Wow...
  19. Rene Smythe

    Scrapping out CC 169

    Thank you, Bob! We are going to take the CC to a repair shop in Auburn, about 24 miles south of us. He seemed to understand the problem. As it drives in forward but will not go in reverse, he sez rules out the transmission and must be in the linkage. His big concern is getting parts but just...
  20. Rene Smythe

    Scrapping out CC 169

    Ha ha ha! 19 years? Tomorrow my (2nd) wife are celebrating 51 years - yes, that's Five - One...