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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. Robert Payne

    To Rebuild or Just Leave As Is

    I got mine loose with kroll oil,,then used a pipe nipple and mounted the muffler verticaly
  2. Robert Payne

    To Rebuild or Just Leave As Is

    First things First,,,,,Break the locking ring loose first with a hammer & chisle,,,then work onthe exhaust elbow with alarge pipe wrench with penetrate
  3. Robert Payne

    New Kid on the Block

    I have a 1972 Cub Cadet 108 with a QA 36 snow blower on it,converted the controlls to electric ( lift & chute rotation) had problems with pulley on blower coming off (1 time) and the snow blower coming off tractor twice when backing up,,,,wound up welding snow blower mounts to side of...
  4. Robert Payne

    My corral

    my herd of garden tractors,each one was a non-runnig wreck,each one has a single purpous because i'm disabled,,first one is my current project a 1971 Bolens G14 which i hope to put a back hoe on,,,#2 my 1972 Cub Cadet 108 for snow blowing,,#3 1978 Wheel Horse 312-8 for dirt plowing,,#4 1994...
  5. Robert Payne

    106 vs 127 vs 147 Newbie Questions

    where did you get the electric lift???I have a 108 and my right arm is crippled and an electric lift would be a must for my snowblower
  6. Robert Payne

    Ready for winter

    Here's my 1972 Cub Cadet 108 i got in january as a Rusty NON-Running tractor with snow blower. Freed up locked up motor & snowblower,new paint & decals,changed blower pulley(for more speed) Mounted blower and found hood would not open fully,cut welds on outlet shroud and angled down &...
  7. Robert Payne

    Snow blower problem

    DING,DING,DING,WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! after thinking i wasn't pulling it back far enough for it to catch, i pulled the lifting rod off the lifting handle to add a home made link exstension and caught out the corner of my eye(i'm 1/2 blind..LOL) i spotted down by the floorboard & frame the lifting...
  8. Robert Payne

    Snow blower problem

    Finally got my snowblower on the tractor and hooked up & running good,My ptoblem is i push the button down on the lift arm,blower goes down no problem,,,but when i raise the blower the lift arm won't lock in the raised position while i'm pulling with both arms. The only way i get it to lock in...
  9. Robert Payne


    Anybody know the weight of a QA36 snowblower??? once i mount the snow blower,I'm mounting a steel weight box on the back of the tractor so that i can add beilgin blocks for weight (use what you got laying around) to counter wergh the snow blower. I'm using Kindorff and chain to mount the weight...
  10. Robert Payne


    The Craftsman i put it new coil,new belts,tuneup& oil change,throttle cable,repaired breather & top oil seal & paint,,,Wheel Horse,correct plow,tuneup&oilchange,paint,mirrors & hubcaps,,,Cub Cadet,rebuilt locked up motor,paint & decals,free up snow blower & paint,,,Ford Ls25, new correct key...
  11. Robert Payne


    My wife thinks i'm nuts ! I'm 64 and disabled,there fore i can't have one tractor and change attachments, I have 4 tractors each has a specific purpose,1998 Chaftsman 18 hp kohler twin,grass cutter(i hate this one),,1978 Wheel Horse 312-8, my dirt plower, 1972 Cub Cadet 108, my snow blower(still...
  12. Robert Payne

    Thank you. Al Koller

    Had the same problem with mine,,worked fine, then after 2 weeks of rain in N.Y. clutch would no disengauge, used a clamp to hold the brake/clutch pedal down and found the clutch disk stuck to flywheel tapped it a frew times with a screwdriver handle,,,alls fine
  13. Robert Payne

    Thank you. Al Koller

    PEOPLE AND PRICES IN NEW YORKare REDICULOUSE!!!!! I see running tractors in all other states for $300-$400 range,,, BUT in N.Y. the people bend you over and DON'T USE VASELENE!!!
  14. Robert Payne

    Still having trouble

    Still having trouble mounting my QA36A snow blower to my '72 cub 108, i've tried blocks & cum-a-long to raise snow blower gear box to line up mounts,but as soon as i get within 3" of the mounts to line up the quick relese bar is jammed up against the frame.....if i pull the blower away from the...
  15. Robert Payne

    Almost fell off

    I have done that a few times,,My left leg is my "dead" leg (rods & nerve damage)...Twice with my Whee Horse, luckily the plow hit big trees, last time was last week I was cutting the grass with my Craftsman and my dead leg slipped off the clutch/brake and ran over my still lawn display,,,the...
  16. Robert Payne

    Snow blower

    Mine isa 32" width, everything lines up,just can't get that 1 inch forward for tabs to catch on frame..
  17. Robert Payne

    Snow blower

    Anybody know of any "tricks" to mount the snowblower on my 108,I get it lined up but can't get that last inch for the side pins to catch, any ideas.......
  18. Robert Payne

    Ford garden tractors

    I got a Ford LS25 I got cheap,(non-running) And fixed it up to match My ROUSH F-150 to haul firewood,,,and yes it even has a blower on the intake.......LOL
  19. Robert Payne

    Wheels & studs

    QUESRION......How come rear wheel axels are not like automotive axels????? Where you have 5 studs sticking out where you can hang the wheel on and thread a lug nut on,,,I just changed my rear tires on my 108 andit was a PAIN IN THE DONKEY jacking the rear up,then letting it down a hair,then...