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  1. Glen Freyer

    Cub Super 1572 Starter

    I am thinking this entire situation must have been an engineering oversight when designing this garden tractor. I also fabricated a stiffener for the alternator after the factory bracket broke a few times. I am presently rebuilding the power steering assemble. One thing at a time. LOL.
  2. Glen Freyer

    Cub Super 1572 Starter

    I recently installed a high tork starter. It was fairly simple, a little modification to the bracket for clearance of the hot feed lug. It took a total of three hours. Starts like a dream now, I also upgraded the battery cables to #0, added a car battery with 850 cold crank amps, and upgraded...
  3. Glen Freyer

    Model 1572 steering column rebuild

    thank you for sharing that information, it has been leaking for a couple of years and i have been putting it off. The leak isn’t terrible, however the steering is getting worse and a bit dangerous to small plants, if you know what I mean. Once again thank you.
  4. Glen Freyer

    Model 1572 steering column rebuild

    I have a super garden 1572 that is leaking fluid from the base of the steering column and of coarse doesn’t steer correctly. I’d like to rebuild it. Is there a rerebuild o-ring kit and instruction? Easy way to remove or can it be completed in place if the tractor was elevated to work under...
  5. Glen Freyer

    Greeting from Connecticut

    I am the owner of a 1572, z60 and a humble push Cadet.