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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. snicklas

    K321 Rebuild

    The holes may already be threaded. The ones in my 1450 were. I had the same issue, the “lock nut” had vibrated loose on the PO… (easn’t the only thing I had to fix, it took ISO mounts, cradle mod and an oil pan it, it had rattled around so much. The wire cleaner cover was actually rubbing the...
  2. snicklas

    1812 oil injected ?

    I have set a funnel in the space between the belts, under the drain plug. It catches the oil and directs it into the drain pan.
  3. snicklas

    Narrow Frame vs. Wide Frame

    Correct, The 71 and 73 are an exception to this…. But, he had asked about the last narrow and first wideframes…. So that is what I was basing my response from…
  4. snicklas

    Narrow Frame vs. Wide Frame

    73, 106, 107, 126, 127, 147 - Last Narrow frame 86, 108, 109, 128, 129, 149, 169 - First wide frames Additionally, Even number is a Manual transmission (the 73 is also, and an exception to this.) Odd number is a Hydro Transmission
  5. snicklas

    K301 rebuild

    I’d also bet, back in the day, IH used the same paint on everything…. If it was yellow, it was the same paint… white, the same…. I’ve even seen pictures where there is yellow paint on the S/G Belt…. And the runs/sags….. If you have “restored to factory” a Cub Cadet, if the paint is...
  6. snicklas

    782, K17 1st Gen. Keeping the covers off.

    On any of the tractors with the enclosed engine bay (Quietline, 82 Series, Cyclops and even newer than those), yes. All the tins on the engine direct the cooling air in the proper locations. On all these, the fan sucks “cool” air from under the tractor, and inside the dash tower, and blows it...
  7. snicklas

    My first cub.

    Yes, it will work. I have a rear lift casting from a 782 on my 1450…
  8. snicklas

    New From NC

    I agree, the extra sheet metal on a Quietline doesn’t really add any extra time. The 2 side panels can be removed in a minute or two. 2 wing bolts and unhook a spring and they are off. Then it’s not much different than any of the other ones, as far as tin work. But I prefer the wide frames over...
  9. snicklas

    Why are there so many Models?

    Cost was another factor. The 7/8 horse models were normally “bare bones“ machines (they could be optioned up) and sold at a lower price. They could do the same work as the larger hp tractors, maybe not as well, but still could. The 14/16/17 hp models could do some of the work better, but came at...
  10. snicklas

    Vermeer M 147H PTO questions

    CCSpecalities (colorful box up top) should have the parts to rebuild it, or even an already rebuilt one. I think he might even rebuild yours if you send it to him…. Charlie, am I correct on all 3 of these….. LOL
  11. snicklas

    solenoid parts and pieces

    That arcing that causes the pitting/carbon build up is why some solenoids have a “rotator“ for that disk, so it makes contact in different places every time, instead of the same place every time it’s activated. I’ve read the Motorcraft solenoid used for the glow plugs on the 7.3 IDI Ford trucks...
  12. snicklas

    Family owned 1970 107 from gray hawk ky

    I'll take this to PM's... the little envelope in the upper right corner......
  13. snicklas

    Family owned 1970 107 from gray hawk ky

    Welcome from Central Indiana…. However, as strange as it may sound…. I know where Grey Hawk actually is. My Fiiance’s mom lives off Soaptown Road…. My Cubs have put some work in down there…. Much different that flat Indiana….. LOL
  14. snicklas

    Ignition condenser.

    I have to agree with Denny on this one. I have a 2020 ULTIMA ZT1 54” CUb Zero Turn. This year will be the 4th season that I have used it. In the last 3 seasons, I have fed it gas, and done the routine maintenance. I hop on it, hit the key and go mow. It has the 534 inch heavy fabricated...
  15. snicklas

    What can you glean from a terrible picture?

    In all honesty, no. But that is my opinion. I am a high horsepower, wideframe guy. Dad and I have 10 all together (or maybe 12, I don't remember), but ALL of them are 149,14/1650's,782's. In the 45 years of owing cubs, we have had 3 narrow frames. Dad's 1st one in 76 or 77 was a 105, that...
  16. snicklas

    What can you glean from a terrible picture?

    What I see..... maybe... The farthest 2 are 1x4/5. The stripes do look blue... no black like on the 1x6/7 with the same grille.. Then a blue stripe wideframe, which would be a 149/169, more than likely a 149, since there were a bunch more of those made... and as mentioned above, that is not a...
  17. snicklas

    torque wrench recommendations

    I have watched every one of Todd's videos. Expensive isn't always the best... and cheap isn't always junk..... He tests across the board of tools.... and Harbor Freight isn't automatically junk.... and snap on doesn't always come out #1......
  18. snicklas

    just a reminder about mice

    Sulpher candles are good to repel all kinds of critters...... Doesn't kill them, just runs them off. One word of caution. Sulpher candles will damage mirrors. It will react with, I believe the silver, in the reflective surface and make the mirror have a milky appearance.
  19. snicklas

    Starting your cub in COLD weather.

    I have used starting fluid in both gas and diesel, for different reasons. On a gasser, something it helps to “prime” everything in a carb setup…. With it actually running the vacuum pulls fuel through the carb like “normal”, however, if I am using this technique, I normally try and grab...
  20. snicklas

    Snow Thrower Tangles W/Dog Toy 🤣. This was a Pain in the Ars

    I’ve seen a couple pictures…. But apparently a snow thrower/blower makes an excellent cord reel……..