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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. Brad Kamm

    Cub Original mower spindles

    To be honest, if I planned to make this my regular mower, I would need to replace all the bearings and spindles and belts. That’s $300 I don’t want to spend now. This works for very limited use.
  2. Brad Kamm

    Cub Original mower spindles

    I’m not pulling because of how they look, doing it so I know they are lubed . These could be 40-50yo, they don’t sound dry, but they are a little loose. This deck will get little to no use. I’ll fill the cavity full to keep out moisture. If I decide this will get a lot of use, then I can decide...
  3. Brad Kamm

    Cub Original mower spindles

    The bearings feel ok, I think I’ll pull 1 seal, face those sides together and reinstall. Flush and repack bearings as well. I don’t plan to mow with it, but I would like it in good condition if I decide to sell. Any input appreciated.
  4. Brad Kamm

    Cub Original mower spindles

    While tearing down the deck spindles, I found that the 2 bearings have seals on both sides. I don’t understand how grease is getting into the bearings. Each side has a different type of rubber seal, so how is the grease getting into the bearing. Pictures attached. Grease from the zerk comes out...
  5. Brad Kamm

    Need Cub Original Photos

    Where did you get yours from?
  6. Brad Kamm

    Need Cub Original Photos

    Just as you suspected, it was bent slightly, tweaked it down a little and it fits nice. I’m down to choke cable, driveshaft, and a couple decals and the tractor should be done. Hope to get the deck torn down, blasted and primed this weekend. Would be nice to find an original seat someday.
  7. Brad Kamm

    Need Cub Original Photos

    Those are good photos, thanks! Couple questions, what color should the dash decal be? Black, white , or silver? I’ve seen all 3 for sale. How is the + wire routed to the coil? Mine was just looped around back of engine from generator to the coil. Has anyone seen the grill casting shimmed to make...
  8. Brad Kamm

    Need Cub Original Photos

    Thanks, my shop doubles as mancave, wood shop, auto shop, and Cub shop. And 1 deer skinned out so far this year! Post those “O” pictures if you got some!
  9. Brad Kamm

    Need Cub Original Photos

    I have been doing a resto on my Original, disassembled, sandblasted, primed, and painting. As I’m reassembling, I’m wondering about correct wiring routing. Since I don’t know if mine was factory when I started, not sure how all the wiring should be done. Could someone post pictures of their...
  10. Brad Kamm

    Bought something else i prolly dont need.

    My dad bought a Stihl with that type of recoil. He was 78 at the time and was still using an outdoor wood stove for heating the house. It turned out to be harder starting than a normal recoil and he hated it after a short time. The regular recoil you can push the saw away with one hand and pull...
  11. Brad Kamm


    Picked this up today, my first original, it’s been repainted. The hood looks good, but I don’t like the shade of yellow so I may repaint. It seems like everything is there, including the timed deck. I wasn’t able to run it yet since it had no battery and no gas. The owners dad used it in parades...
  12. Brad Kamm

    Parts Wanted 127/147 parts

    Jeff, texted you with questions.
  13. Brad Kamm

    Parts Wanted ISO main jets

    I had good luck swapping the main jet from a $15 china carb. The thread pitch was very close, went in tight the first time with lube, now it goes in/out easy. I had bought the cheap carb as a replacement for my #30, it ran ok with it but could not get it to run smooth, so tried swapping the main...
  14. Brad Kamm

    Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI July 14-16, 2022

    How big is the area the show is located on? 40 acres? Bigger or smaller? I want to bring my elderly father but won’t if it’s really spread out.
  15. Brad Kamm

    just a reminder about mice

    I had the same thing with dog food in the tailpipe of my truck, it all came flying out as soon as I started the engine and sprayed it all over the garage. Also had them fill muffler on snowmobile with corn, it packed so tight it would not stay running for long, and stink when it started to burn...
  16. Brad Kamm

    just a reminder about mice

    I can’t stand sitting in a vehicle that has or had moth balls in it, I’ll stick with the radio on and a couple traps with peanut butter. I’ve had the best luck with the regular snap traps that have the triangle shape plastic cheese bait holder, smear a little PB and all set, they are really...
  17. Brad Kamm

    just a reminder about mice

    I keep the radio on 24/7 in the house garage and the workshop,I was told the music causes constant vibration that mouse don’t like. I have very few mice in those areas, my other storage building with no power I get mice in traps weekly year around.
  18. Brad Kamm

    Brinly planter info needed

    That’s a sweet setup, would like to find one of those!
  19. Brad Kamm

    Basket case rescue - my 125's journey

    Great job on the both, I like the look of the 1200 the way you have it now. The blue dash looks cool!
  20. Brad Kamm

    Canadian Cadet

    Nice find, fun project!