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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. John Wessel

    Power Beyond Port?

    So I’m looking to add a third function to my loader on my 7300. The loader is a 417. I’ve read that if you have seven leads coming out of your hydraulic block that you do have a power beyond port. I’m pretty sure the oversize nut that is circled in picture 2is the power beyond port. Just want...
  2. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    The video was shot prior to all the additional work being done. But it shows how well everything came together. I tried hooking using the tractor quick attach to hook up to the Caterpillar attachments it hooked to every single one of them flawlessly.
  3. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    The next step in this process was to put a cutting edge on the bucket. I got 2-different size cutting edges samples, one was 4” and the other 3” . The 3 inch probably would’ve worked if I would’ve drilled holes in the bucket and did a lot of grinding on the bottom portion of it. The 4” although...
  4. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    Because the mounting plate did not sit flush at the top it was a need for a gusset. I addressed that after I got the C channel burn in and the chain hooks installed. The C channel and the chain hooks are also burned in. You can see the gap between the top of the mounting plate and C channel...
  5. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    I use my caterpillar loader with the forks as a mobile workstation. I positioned the weld on mounting plate on the bucket. Luckily, I was able to position the forks in a way the back of the bucket was flat. There was no way to use clamps to hold the plate in place.. I also have a 2x4”x1/4” C...
  6. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    Installed the quick release bracket on the loader arms after cleaning up the rust and greasing the pins. I put the mounting plate on the quick release bracket and then started to position everything for the mock up. The instructions were marginal, basically saying to keep the same angle as the...
  7. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    Ordered a quick attach for the bucket. I got lucky they actually had one built and on the shelf. The pins had not been greased in a long time, but they all came out relatively easily.
  8. John Wessel

    1999 7300 w/417 loader

    Picked this up 2 weeks ago with several attachments from the original owner. It’s time to get it set up the way I want it.
  9. John Wessel

    Just joined the group

    Just bought this off the original owner. 1999 7300 with 417 loader -755 hours, like new tiller, post hole digger, brush hog and box blade. Paid 12K Planning on converting the bucket to skid loader quick connect and adding rear remotes. Ordered Speeco quick hitch.