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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. G

    Parts Wanted 42” Bolens dozer blade

    Anyone out there want to take in trade a 42” Bolens blade for a Cub Cadet 129 42” blade? Also need the blade frame for wide frame CC.
  2. G

    Parts Wanted 129 blade frame

    129 wide frame for dozer blade
  3. G

    Parts Wanted 129 dozer blade frame

    Ok got it 129 Wide frame. Thanks
  4. G

    Bolens Dozer blade

    Some images of Bolens blade
  5. G

    Parts Wanted 129 dozer blade frame

    WTB frame and lift linkage for 129?
  6. G

    Bolens Dozer blade

    I bought this 129 running from a guy that used it to tow trailers in parades it came with the 42” three spindle deck and sub frame also the 42” Bolens dozer blade however no sub frame for the blade. So I’m encouraged that the Bolens will mount with the right parts and persuading. Thanks!
  7. G

    Bolens Dozer blade

    So I don’t need another subframe for the blade just attach bladeto mule drive and hook up the lift linkage?
  8. G

    Bolens Dozer blade

    Deck frame is specific to mower, the blade is frame is different I see what saying.
  9. G

    Bolens Dozer blade

    Yes, however I do have deck frame but no lift linkage?
  10. G

    Bolens Dozer blade

    Does the 129 have a separate snow blade attachment frame or does mower deck frame accept the blade?
  11. G

    Parts Wanted Starter generator

    Went to a local rebuilder shop had on the shelf nut and washer $1.50 he mentioned that it’s a .668 diameter shaft specific to Delco Remy SG
  12. G

    129 starter generator

    Found the correct nut and washer for the DELCO REMY SG $1.50 for nut and lock washer from local rebuilders shop.
  13. G

    Parts Wanted Starter generator

    The 129 starter generator nut and washer that fastens the pulley came off. Heard this rumble and noticed pulley wobble. Is this part specific to this unit or can I go to Ace hardware and find it myself?
  14. G

    Parts Wanted 129 42” deck runners

    Where can I buy these runners? IHCC 129 42” deck # 422U1113
  15. G

    IHCC 129

    I bought this 129 with 42” deck and quick attach also came with a blade. Appears I’m the third owner and surprised in what good running condition it is. Glad to find a site with helpful information.