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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. B

    1450 Brake Identification

    I have the Ausco pix 16, however I purchased a pair that is the middle pix 9 which has pretty good pads. I put them on today and tightened the nuts all the way up, Do you know how to adjust the brakes? I logged on to McMaster Carr, which friction mat have you used? Thanks for the info
  2. B

    1450 Brake Identification

    I removed the brakes from my 1450 to replace with better pads, except I forgot to label which was right and left. Can someone tell me how to tell the difference? Thanks Much
  3. B

    1450 brake caliper placement

    I removed the brakes off of my 1450 and forgot to mark which side they came off. Can someone tell me how to tell the right and left caliper? Thanks
  4. B

    New from IL with a 122

    I still have my 122 with was built in 67, in fact I bought it in 78 when I was 18. My mom was upset that my dad let me buy it. It came with 38"mower and 36" snow blower and chains. I have gone through several starter generators and clutches. I did after purchasing in 78 get a new wire harness...
  5. B

    1450 starting problem

    I got my 1450 to start, however I need to adjust the governor, can someone give me some advice? Thanks
  6. B

    1450 starting problem

    I was looking over the wiring on the 1450 since it is all new and compared it to the wiring on my 1000. I noticed one thing I did not connect, the wire from the battery meter to the the solenoid, and to my surprise when I connected it, I got continuity. I am hopeful this was the problem...
  7. B

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    I enjoyed seeing the AMF painted blue, too bad today's tractors, being too expensive are all plastic
  8. B

    1450 starting problem

    I will give that a try, Thanks
  9. B

    1450 starting problem

    We have tried with pto switch on and still nothing
  10. B

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    I had an AMF 1010 which is the sister tractor, click the link new to me. New to me AMF 1010 I traded it about 10 years ago for a 122 cub cadet. The AMF and MF are a man's size tractor. I miss it, but getting parts was becoming difficult. It had an HH 10hp Tecumseh engine and ran well. I liked...
  11. B

    1450 starting problem

    I have been rebuilding a 1450, and cannot get any power to the solenoid. I did install a new wire harness, my son is an electrical engineer and checked my connections and has not found an error. It acts like an interlock issue(nothing when you turn the key) so I tied the two wires for the...
  12. B

    Metal Lock Nuts on 1450 engine rails

    I assume using lock nuts, not lock washers or nylon nuts for the engine mount rails on a 1450 is correct.
  13. B

    Cub Cadet 1450 Drive line question

    I removed the front rag joint and the shaft went in like it was meant to, steel ball and all. I really appreciate the help. Thank you
  14. B

    Cub Cadet 1450 Drive line question

    This could explain why I cannot get the shaft on my 1450. The thickness of the front disc would make the difference. I do not know the purpose of the steel ball, but will check the s/n. If my s/n was the model that did not have a front disc, can a disc be installed or should it not?
  15. B

    1450 More Drive shaft issue

    On my 1450, I reversed the rear connectors and installed spiral pins as advised , however I have a new problem. I cannot get the shaft in place, it's like 3/8" too long , there is absolutely no slack. It does fit if I pull the pin in the front coupler and slide the shaft forward, however there...
  16. B

    Cub Cadet 1450 Drive line question

    I appreciate the info, and will make the changes. When I bought this the previous owner had deleted the rag joints - yikes!!! Thanks Again
  17. B

    Cub Cadet 1450 Drive line question

    I have been rebuilding a 1450 and almost done. The previous owner had left it a real mess. Anyway, I was wondering about the rear drive linage, I think I installed it backwards -see pix. Can someone help? Oh, what is the purpose of the steel ball in the housing? THanks Bob
  18. B

    Electric lawn tractors and compact tractors

    I am not for electric tractors, electric lawn mowers , electric cars and buses either it does not make sense. I enjoy my old cub cadet tractors they last year after year, while my neighbors purchase new mowers every 3-5 years. The going electric is a false economy, First, our power grid cannot...
  19. B

    New to me model 2 tiller

    Great price, I have a #2 tiller on a 1000 and it is HEAVY to lift, so I am rebuilding a 1450 with hydraulic lift. You definitely need the mule drive for the tiller, and hopefully the guards came with your tiller. You will also need the three pt hitch. I do not know if it would be helpful to...