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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. J

    Archive through March 12, 2013

    Sorry for the late post on my tractor for sale in the Feb 6th postings, but I sold it to a good home. I almost cried to see it go, but I know there will be better times in the future to build another. I now have no cubs and will not be online for a while, so until then, may God be with you all...
  2. J

    Archive through February 06, 2013

    I need some cash, so here goes one of the big toys. I'm selling my 1969 Model 72. It has a newer 10hp motor. Motor runs good, but smokes some. I rebuilt the tractor about 15 years ago, but not the motor. I mostly just played with it, pulling a wagon around, and even took it to a car show once...
  3. J

    Archive through May 11, 2012

    The Deck is sold, THANKS! The tires/wheels are gone too! Thanks, Joe
  4. J

    Archive through May 11, 2012

    I'm cleaning out my basement, and have decided after a few years, that I will not convert my custom 72 back to mowing. So selling the wheels and mower. The tires leak air and could use tubes, or new tires . The deck was mowing great, had recently rebuilt it when I moved to my new house, solid...
  5. J

    Archive through October 06, 2011

    The Fenders are sold. Mower... I've had some questions on the mower: It measures 48" tip to tip. The outer blades are 12", center 14". Outer blades look new, center is in good shape. Deck has been undercoated, that is the black in the photo. Blades spin easily with one finger. I...
  6. J

    Archive through October 06, 2011

    Hey guys, I think the fenders are sold. I will relist if the deal fall through. And thanks to whomever fixed my photos, I didn't know how to get them in a column. Joe
  7. J

    Archive through October 06, 2011

    Here are some parts I have for sale: $100 - Model 72 fenders in good shape with all the hardware and reflectors. I used them until I put the large wheels on. They don't fit and I'm tired of storing them. $20 - Wheels, 12x7-1/2 with 1-3/4 back spacing. Tires are old, cracked and leak air...
  8. J

    Archive through August 24, 2011

    Hey guys, cleaning up the garage, decided to get rid of my 48" deck, with narrow frame lift mechanism, and a set of wheels in good shape, with tires that are not so great. Had used it to mow with my customized model 72 while rebuilding my 1450. Don't need now, just in the way. Looking for...
  9. J

    Archive through December 09, 2005

    Guys, some good info! BTW, I do have the "Frankenstein" bolts/QD attachment setup, but can pull the bolts to mount things up solid. I am not aware of the CW blowers?? I want to know which ones work the best. thanks for the info!! Joe
  10. J

    Archive through December 09, 2005

    Question for you guys. I have a 72 with a 10hp motor, what is the best snow blower I can put on this. I am wanting to buy a blower to clean my drive and street. I can't afford to pay to have them cleaned, and the county won't do it. A blower would be the answer, not to mention that it would be a...
  11. J

    Archive through December 06, 2004

    Ken, Wyatt: Checked compression, it is very good. Checked fuel flow, it is good as well. I have had about 2-4 hours of 3rd and 1st grade homework each night this week, so I have not drained out the fuel and tried it. That is my next guess. By the way, my son told me we needed to do a...
  12. J

    Archive through December 06, 2004

    To all with replies to my "can't get my 1450 to run problems, Thanks!!!. I am still trying stuff. It has my father and I baffled. I have checked the carburetor mounting, even change to a carb off another tractor. No change. I have checked the electrical system, it is working properly...
  13. J

    Archive through November 30, 2004

    I need help. If you can leave a number, I will call you. My email is [email protected]. I have a rebuilt 1450, engine has just a few hours on it. It started up and ran fine for about 1.5hours of mowing, then started running rough. I stopped to analyze the problem being a newly rebuilt motor...
  14. J

    IH Cub Cadet Pulling and Hot Rodding

    THanks for the comments on the blocks! Joe
  15. J

    IH Cub Cadet Pulling and Hot Rodding

    OK, a quick question. I have available to me, (that is they are sitting in my garage, due to various trades) two blocks, one is 12hp, one is 14hp. The 14 is mostly there, missing the intake and exhaust. The 12 is missing intake, exhaust, head and pan. Both of these have mounting flanges on the...
  16. J

    Archive through May 17, 2004

    I am in need of some new blades on my 1450 with the 44" deck. Has anyone had improved mowing with hi lift, gator, einstein, Raptor, or any other blades then stock??
  17. J

    Archive through May 04, 2004

    Digger, thanks man!
  18. J

    Archive through May 04, 2004

    I mean searched.
  19. J

    Archive through May 04, 2004

    OK, I have a quick question. What is the weight of a 127, compared to a 1450 and a 72?? Does anyone have these numbers? I serched for the info and cannot find it. thanks, Joe
  20. J

    Archive through April 20, 2004

    I bought a 72 to mow my yard from a friend. Then bought a 1450 to go with a larger deck and hydro. Sold the 72 to my father (his second). Then bought another 72 for my son that was three at the time.(my wife even thought it was a good idea) My father bought his first, a 122, for parts when we...