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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. B

    Simplicity Landlord DLX

    Looking at what you have done, you got a real steal on that one (with a little sweat equity). I brought a DLX in 2012 complete with a 50 inch deck, snow blade, wheel weights, chains, and a recently replaced Vanguard 18 for $1,200. I have been running it hard for 4 years, and in general...
  2. B

    Archive through April 25, 2015

    It has been a while since I posted here, but I decided to revive an old project to attach a Brinley plow to the 102 I restored back in 2009. It had a nonstandard hitch which looked like it was cobbled together for an OT tractor. My Dad made a coulter blade out of a saw blade, and some other...
  3. B

    Trading Post

    I have a QA-42A snow thrower attachment, and would like to trade it for a Brinley Sleeve Hitch and linkage for a NF Cub. I can also throw in a set of chains for 10.5x12 tires and some 50 lb (non CC) wheel weights.
  4. B

    57th annual Maryland Steam Historical Society Show

    The show is located in Arcadia Maryland, about 8 miles north of Reisterstown, MD, or about 20 miles south of Hanover, PA, right off MD Rt 30. Here is the weblink:http://marylandsteam.org/mshsweb/
  5. B

    Archive through June 25, 2013

    I tend to agree with Dennis on the spraying part. I used my 129 with a similar type sprayer for years to maintain about 800 feet of trellis line for grapes. Pulling power from the battery isn't all what it is cracked up to be. I found it easier just to use a spare lawn and garden battery to...
  6. B

    Archive through November 26, 2012

    Daniel, Hydros do tend to start harder than gear drive tractors, and Hy-Tran tends to thicken when cold. When snow is in the forecast, I put the trickle charger on, to make sure the battery is topped off and to provide a little heat. This will help it start. I would also run 5w30 in the...
  7. B

    Archive through July 02, 2012

    Bruce C I wonder how the inside of the blower housing looks?
  8. B

    Another Allis Chalmers B10

    There is a little bit of a following for Simplicity, Allis, and private labels of them, as built for MW and Sears back in the day. Some of the Massey Ferguson garden tractors also share some common heritige with the Simplicity and Allis tractors as well. Depending on the area, they may or may...
  9. B

    Archive through June 14, 2012

    Wayne, On my 102 that went to tractor heaven a couple years ago, I had a very similar break in the undercarriage. Dad welded it up just fusing the broken parts, and sure enough, it broke again in a short time. When I had my neighbor reweld it, I took a piece of scrap the same thickness and...
  10. B

    Archive through June 03, 2012

    Bill J. Another option is to install machine bushings between the axle and the crossmember. IMO the less play the better, as long as the axle pivots freely. Grease it up while you are at it, its easy to do while the engine is out.
  11. B

    Archive through June 03, 2012

    Clark, the spoke that gets the decal points down with the wheel straight ahead. The good news is that you can get within a few degrees, since the steering wheel is mounted on a fine splined shaft. The bad news is that you have to remove the steering wheel, a difficult task to accomplish without...
  12. B

    Archive through June 03, 2012

    Depending on your mechanical ability, replacing the head gasket isn't particularly difficult, but it needs to be done right, if you want the new gasket to last. It is a good way to get your feet wet learning to work on engines though. There are a couple of bolts attaching the upper tins to the...
  13. B

    Archive through June 02, 2012

    got caught by the archive bug
  14. B

    Archive through May 26, 2012

    I recently got a PTO rebuild kit for my 129, it seems the new friction disk takes up more space (less slop in the basket) than the old one did. It also included new anti-rattle clips and a new diaphragm spring. Because of the tight setup, it is a to get the clips in, but once they are in, I...
  15. B

    Archive through May 23, 2012

    Bill, One thing I notice about both of my Simplicities is that the mower decks seem to encourage more lift of the grass, plus the full-width rollers are supposed to help with obstacles better than just gauge wheels. Mower deck design, though not necessarily durability has come a ways since the...
  16. B

    I got twins

    Put a sulky on one and a garden cart on the other to haul around purchases/refreshments when you go to a tractor show.
  17. B

    I got twins

    Its the perfect thing for the kids to run around on when you go to a PD or an antique equipment show. Get or build a sulky for one and maybe Dad can take a load off too!!
  18. B

    Simplicity Tractors

    The only other option for it is to build up a motor around a 10 K241 I have here. Not that you don't have your share of parts tractors
  19. B

    Simplicity Tractors

    Kraig, I guess I am busted! The new tractor had an electrical issue that the PO didn't fix as well as he should have (connector going to the PTO), and I hauled my work tools out to troubleshoot and repair it. Its my new flame and I need time to get to know her, so the 129 and 102 will...
  20. B

    Simplicity Tractors

    A birthday present to myself, I scoped a Simplicity Landlord DLX with a 18 HP Vanguard and 50 inch deck with only 350 hours. It has a couple of substandard wiring repairs, but is pretty clean otherwise. They stopped building the DLX in 2002, but the motor is a 2004. Has a locking differential as...