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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. T


    Yes. Thanks.
  2. T


    What is the ID of the rear wheel weights?
  3. T

    Parts Wanted tires wanted

    m. e. MILLER tire | Largest Selection of Hard to Find & Antique ... Miller Tire https://www.millertire.com Miller Tire is the place to find hard to find and antique tires for your tractors, ATVs, lawn care and other vehicles
  4. T


    What color is a Farmall Cub? The two major variations of the Cub were the "Standard Cub" and the "Lo-Boy Cub" (or "Cub Lo-Boy"). They are recognized by their distinctive IH Red or Federal Yellow color schemes.
  5. T

    Best tires for traction, mowing on hills

    Anything would work better than that tread pattern. They pretty much have zero traction.
  6. T

    Wheels & studs

    Just take the wheel bolts out and screw a regular cap screw in from the backside. Use tapered nuts to hold the wheel on.
  7. T

    Tractor Wanted WANTED red 582 non Special

    Pretty sure you can still buy red paint.
  8. T

    Funny Ads

    Whats the funny part? Looks like purpose built machines... Well maybe not the v8 one.
  9. T

    Hello from Illinois

    The Vanguard is unlike the other briggs. All of the old opposed twins had issues. A Vanguard, Command, Honda, Predator engines are light years ahead. They are used in ag and industry and will run many more hours than the old flatties. They run smoother and use way less gas.
  10. T

    Home build wheel weights

    Why not put the valve stem on the inside? No need to clearance the weights then.
  11. T

    Oil Change Aid

    Use a 12 point socket
  12. T

    Repowering a 1282

    Repower... Vanguard or Command or Honda or Predator.
  13. T

    Repowering a 1282

    Repower... Vanguard or Command or Honda or Predator.
  14. T

    Parts Wanted KT-17 Series II Engine or later

    I guess you could say that. What I mean is repower with a modern OHV engine. Like a Vanguard, Command, Honda, Predator...
  15. T

    Todays mistake

    Repower... Vanguard, Honda, Command, Predator.
  16. T

    482 Cub - Good Bad Ugly

    The 2300 Peerless transaxle is actually a pretty stout unit. I've used them pretty much my whole life. The biggest problem having them in a cub (compared to John Deere or Massey) is no variator. However they do have a creeper gear (think snow thrower/blower or tiller).
  17. T

    Is the hydro and axle different in a Super Cub Cadet?

    Too bad they never had a 2 speed rear behind the hydro unit.