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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. K

    Cub 100 engine upgrade

    Find an Alcoa rod and LP head for it, if you want it to be somewhat stock. The forged rod will improve durability and the LP head will raise the compression.
  2. K

    1450 vibrations

    I contacted my buddy who builds pullers and he gave me three companies, none of which are i the Nashville area. Vogel Manufacturing in Effingham, IL; Lakota Racing in Carrollton, OH; and Tooter's Mower Parts & Repair, Owensboro, KY. You can Google these for contact info and I understand they...
  3. K

    1450 vibrations

    There are machine shops that will balance your engine for you, if you send them the crank and piston/rod assembly. Pullers do this fairly routinely. If you are working on a Quietline, also be sure to make sure your isomounts are good. Isomounts won't do much to reduce actual vibration, but they...
  4. K

    Is there a better one of the IH Cadets?

    Some of the 82 series still had cast iron rear ends. I have two 782, one of which is IH made and the other is an IH branded red one made by CCC. Been a little while since Ifooled with them, but best I recall the genuine IH one has a cast iron rear end. These also have the fine spline axles...
  5. K

    Is there a better one of the IH Cadets?

    My favorite out of my collection is my 128. It was, at some point before I got it, repowered with a 14 hp. I beefed up the clutch with a red spring and added 10.50 ag tires, and I haven't run across much it wouldn't handle since then.
  6. K

    One owner that i became the owner of by default

    Always liked 147s. Top of the line as far as narrow frames.
  7. K

    rusty primer

    If using rattle cans, I have found that shooting a coat of flat yellow construction paint first and then shooting the gloss yellow over it helps the coverage quite a bit.
  8. K

    rusty primer

    Some think that the yellow will not be the true color if gray primer is used. From what I have read, IH only used red primer.