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  1. B

    Picture of my Cub Cadets

    Great picture. The shed looks a little small for that collection.
  2. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    It still sounds like a condenser problem. Is it grounded well and both the coil and condenser set for the correct polarity?
  3. B

    Mower spindle bearings

    Thanks digger. I'm going to make a list and order that spacer ,bearings and seals along with some other misc. things shortly.
  4. B

    Mower spindle bearings

    The center spindle on my 421U1113 deck is loose. I have it all apart but can't see what keeps the tapered bearing races apart and centered in the housing. I have the 3 spacers that slide over the shaft. Could I possibly need the 941-3031 spacer or some other part ?
  5. B

    149 mower deck

    The rockshaft was worn thin and twisted On my 106 which required straightening and welding up
  6. B

    Battery Reconditioning?

    We have battery world for made in usa batteries . The nice thing about wally world is they are shipped from China
  7. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    I have seen five engines run just fine with the crank broke clean through between the cam gear the first or only rod throw . None of these suggestions helps this fellow out with an engine that run fine before being rebuilt.
  8. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    I'm surprised you didn't say to check the air in the left rear tire . The frame would need some reinforcement for a cat engine
  9. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    As Mgonitzke says , time the engine and inspect the points checking that the spring is centered and it is not grounding along it's edge or any place else.
  10. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    Points are never left at .020. Close them up some.like .015 maybe even less. You are sure you adjusted the exhaust valve lash not on the acr lift ?
  11. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    And new parts like condenser or coil are more than a little suspect these days .
  12. B

    149 Running terrible after overhaul

    The 149 that I have is gravity so checking the screen in the tank is a start and then go farther into the fuel system.
  13. B

    Bosch Blue coil

    It has a starter generator so slow cranking is built in. The starter wires and battery needs to be up to the task rather than changing the ignition coil.
  14. B

    PTO Clutch

    If you are careful you can drill out the set screws with a cobalt or carbide drill . Search for my post here on that. You are lucky as it sounds like you have the clutch off the engine.
  15. B

    PTO Clutch

    The bearing is so that the pulley spins on the crankshaft. The fiber disk does the work as it is captive in the basket part . Hence the need to sandwich the pulley casting the fiber disc and the steel plate.
  16. B

    PTO Clutch

    It's going to be hard to explain. The spring or springs push on the three levers which in turn pull on the bolts which pulls the steel plate against the fiber disk and towards the pulley casting. Press on the button and the levers move to loosen the three bolts .
  17. B

    PTO Clutch

    The threads can be repaired and the screws can always be removed wether turned or drilled
  18. B

    149…what have I done

    Try that at 60