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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. O

    Parts Wanted Cub Cadet 56 Volt Battery Needed

    To the OP. Did you purchase this mower new from a dealer or Home Depot? If it was HD I would take it back and tell them that you want your money back because they won't stand behind their warranty. If it was the dealer then I would get a face to face meeting with the owner. I hope your issue...
  2. O

    Parts For Sale More barn cleaning: chains, rear tires, Haban blade, engine covers, wide frame front blade

    Those engine covers are off of the 82 series machines. Can you ship them?
  3. O

    Breaking Insane Tire Bead

    I take something like a 2x6 or a 2x8 and place it so that the end of the board is up against the rim and then drive my truck up on the board. I never had one yet that wouldn't break. I have also used my wood splitter and placed a 4x4 or something similar against the wedge but make sure you go...
  4. O

    383 Cat '0' build

    Great job David. I'm not sure if it's true but I thought I heard Bill Ruegg isn't making cat o hitches for the Cubs anymore. Will you be making and selling them?
  5. O

    374 Haban deck rebuild X 2

    Don't forget to Cad Plate your casters! I used the Caswell kit and they turned out great. https://caswellplating.com/electroplating-anodizing/zinc-plating-kits.html Here is the recipe I used for the PPG paint. It looked pretty spot on when I compared it to a NOS mule drive I have.
  6. O

    Tractor For Sale 2284 Super Cadet

    Man that's a smoking great deal there! I can't believe someone hasn't jumped on it yet.
  7. O

    Steering shaft rebuild

    My 882 steering tube was trashed when I got it. I removed the assembly and gave everything a good cleaning and then sanded the end of the tube and the area of the box the tube goes in with some fine sand paper. I cleaned that area good with lacquer thinner then applied some red Loctite to the...
  8. O

    442 tiller manual needed

    I'm looking for a PDF manual for the model 442 tiller if anyone has one. TIA.
  9. O

    2072 Driveline question

    Ray, the drain holes are drilled in the transmission case with the axle tubes removed. Oil that collects in the bottom part of the axle tube has now way of draining back into the sump and traps contaminants. I didn't take any pics but I will see if I can find some. On the OP, I ended up welding...
  10. O

    Home build wheel weights

    I've been wanting a plasma table for a year or two now. Does anyone own one of these tables here? They look pretty nice for the money. https://www.langmuirsystems.com/pro?gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD1mycpXUZjtbANMaPPC7nxWKKYq6okqs9XJfN1_cbstd1b90GXtW-QaAiTJEALw_wcB
  11. O

    Electric lawn tractors and compact tractors

    Yep, go vote on November 8th. Time to stop these clowns!:cubwinker:
  12. O

    Look what pulled in my driveway today.\

    The early FD620's used a plastic cam gear and they were known to brake in the 800-1200 hour time frame. I think they switched over to the steel gear after February 1998. The green boys used a bunch of these engines. Here's a quick vid I found explaining the fix. There are also a bunch kits...
  13. O

    Look what pulled in my driveway today.\

    David, do you have a part number on those bushings? I probably need to order some of those for my fleet. How many hours are on that FD620 Kawi? Was the cam gear changed yet? If not, that would be a nice winter project.
  14. O

    Welding - general

    I use a Hazard Freight helmet as show here. So far it works great (3+ years) unless you forget you have it set on "grind mode"....ouch! https://www.harborfreight.com/welding/protective-gear/arcsafe-auto-darkening-welding-helmet-63749.html Here is a good coupon that never expires for Vulcan...
  15. O

    Grass Catcher Issue

    Yes, it is driven from the right side spindle. There is a drive pulley that screws on top of the spindle. Works great but my mower is a 21HP Kawi and it does take some power to run it.
  16. O

    Wood splitting

    I installed a Jotul Oslo F500 in 2006, these are all cast iron and made in Norway. I ran single wall pipe up to the ceiling and then it switches to triple wall stainless steel up through the attic and roof. I have been very happy with the stove but wood prices around here are getting crazy...
  17. O

    Grass Catcher Issue

    I've not heard anything good about that type of bagger. I run a model 345 fan assisted bagger on my 3000 series but Cub also made a model 293 for the cyclops machines. These things are awesome and just about impossible to clog and are so much better than a pull behind sweeper. My housing is...
  18. O

    Wood splitting

    For those of you that burn wood in your home you need to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered. I was filing away my home owners insurance a few years ago and happened to spot something about wood burning devices. I called my agent and they informed me that they will not...
  19. O

    Pre paint prep

    My 2 cents..... Paint is $37/QT(IH Federal Yellow), a Hazard Freight HVLP spray gun is $17, yes you will need primer, thinner, hardener & a few more supplies. That is probably somewhere in the $150 to $200 range I'm thinking. The results will be 10X better than a rattle can resto and hold up...
  20. O

    Gardens 2022

    David, I like your pole been setup. Got any pics of your supports? I planted a bunch of bush beans this year but the dang deer ate them down to the ground. My buddy had the same issue but he switched to pole type and doesn't have that problem.