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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Pop starting with a drill is a genius idea, I wish I'd thought of it all the other times I've dealt with cold engines. I cannot start the engine with just the drill alone, I need to kick it with the starter to give it momentum, then I hit the drill and it starts to turn. Using the drill also...
  2. M

    1512 Turbo plow tractor project

    That is a very clean looking job you've done. Very professional, especially the pipes you installed for the turbo.
  3. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    I don't enjoy shoveling snow, but I very much enjoy working outside in the summer time, especially splitting wood with an axe. To me, chopping wood is the best way to think over life's gifts and to put my demons to bed. Snow is a whole different story, though. Though no, I did not grow up on a...
  4. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Or, I could also just buy one of the spreaders that are made for ATV's and whatnot, and then graft it onto the back somehow. Might cost a little more up front but it would save a lot in time....
  5. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    I will lift the blade only a little instead of locking it in the upright position. That way I can keep the PTO engaged. Also, shoveling snow is the best way to bring out the anger in everyone. I curse like a sailor when I am doing it. My plan for the summer is to attach one of those...
  6. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Rick, Thanks. I edited my last post. See below. I guess I could lower the throttle each time before I turn on the PTO. With the amount of back-n-forth that I do for one job, it would mean I'd be doing that like 60-80 times.
  7. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Not sure what you are talking about? ... Oh, you're asking why I kill the PTO before I back it up? Because the belt will rub on the frame when I lift the blade. I need to fix that in the summer. Why, do you think it's going to cause a problem?
  8. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Please disregard my snarky "you're welcome" at the end. I was in a foul mood this afternoon because of some issues beyond my control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX-jey0AHSs&feature=youtu.be
  9. M

    Gas Prices

    Still over $2 in Albany, NY... $2.35-$2.50
  10. M

    Now I have seen everything!!!!

    Where do the batteries go???
  11. M

    1572 Diesel Turbo Install

    That is awesome! I admire your ingenuity, Steve!
  12. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Gentlemen, I've been using it all season to remove snow. @Nic, I posted a video a few weeks ago of some snow removal. Since then I haven't bothered making another vid.... but NY is getting piled right now, so I should be able to shoot another one for you all tonight. I've used it about 6...
  13. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Mr Tanner, Thank you for the advice. At this time, the idea of taking the engine apart is pretty far from my mind. I intend to run it until something breaks and then rebuild or repower with another Magnum. Perhaps an oil additive like you suggested will help to keep things working decently in...
  14. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    I've found that there is no reason to install a block heater. I just rest a heat gun against the frame so that it points at the front of the block, and the engine will start within 30-45 minutes. It's pretty simple and it works damn well. Therefore, I will not be sending anymore money at it.
  15. M

    New Job, plus a lot of typing

    Long post... Gentlemen, thank you for responding with your stories and input. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who has managed to do well with not much of an education. It's true that sometimes college just can't happen for some people who would otherwise be able to do it. Life...
  16. M

    All Things Deer

    That is an awesome buck! Rifle or bow? I am assuming late season bow due to the time of year...
  17. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Thanks! I feel all warm and fuzzy, like this: Do you guys know why it has such a hard time starting when the engine is hot? I was plunging the choke back and forth slowly but nothing happened. I had to drop the throttle down to low idle, once it punched, I put the throttle half way, then...
  18. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    I didn't mean to do it intentionally. I made an account here to ask a couple of little questions and just didn't feel comfortable putting my real name. Then I started posting here more and more and started thinking "I wonder if I should say anything about that..." and of course, it just became...
  19. M

    Refurb and Modification of 1430 Lawn Tractor

    Ok, it is done. For some reason it is extremely hard to start when the engine is hot and it sits for a few minutes. I'm not sure what to do about it. Other than the starting issue it runs great.... Also I changed my name to the real thing. No offense guys, I just didn't think I'd wind up...
  20. M

    782 - Is it worth a three hour drive?

    I didn't know it was against the rules to post a link from CL.... Anyway, that tractor is pretty ragged even if it IS a 782. There are other things calling for my wallet.... Maybe one of you guys would like to grab it.