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  1. A

    Carb: Carter #30 on a K301?

    yup.. i *did* do that, but i guess not good enuff :(
  2. A

    Carb: Carter #30 on a K301?

    Welllll.... So it seems the one time i didnt do my research, and I forgot there is a ball & spring at the end of the choke shaft, which proceded to fly.. *somewhere*, across the garage when I pulled the shaft out of the newer #30, so I could replace it with the one from the #26. I did find the...
  3. A

    Carb: Carter #30 on a K301?

    Really?... I would have thought the 30 would run way too rich... Any idea if theres any performance difference? I *did* notice the #26'S HAVE A 1.07" bore, & the #30 has a 1.2"... and my K301 block has a 1.35" intake bore vOv
  4. A

    Carb: Carter #30 on a K301?

    So I'm guessing its a bad idea to use a Carter N #30 carb on a K301 that had a #26 on it?
  5. A

    122 Mystery Button

    @gloughery , heres the part list for the cig lighter: I wonder if the pop-out element fits any, generic 12v socket, or not?... might be worth checking on, if the socket cant be sourced..?? Unfortunately, I've not seen a listing for the wiring parts or how its wired, in any of the manuals...
  6. A

    122 Mystery Button

    Beautiful tractor you got there :) soo.. what do you mean, *one* option? .. I know there was also the dummy cap insert... vOv
  7. A

    122 Mystery Button

    Hmmm... No horn, and there was nothing connected to it... so I guess it stays a mystery. I wonder if the hole was stock tho, & maybe had the stock cigarette lighter option I've seen in the manuals vOv
  8. A

    122 Mystery Button

    So I'm replacing the wiring on my 122. It has this mystery button under the ignition, which isnt shown on any of the wiring diagrams. Is this stock, or something a previous owner added? Its a momentary push button. I would "guess" its a button you hold in during starting? But its also got the...
  9. A

    NOS 122 Wiring harness, with mystery pink wire?

    Hi all, So I have a 122 I'm replacing the harness on. Its an NOS harness I had picked up for a 123 I used to have, & never installed. I've got the wiring diagrams, but pink wire isnt shown on it. I labeled one end (small lug) on the old harness, which came off the bottom mounting bolt on the...