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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. J

    Bulk sale for yard full of Cubs and need to sell it all

    No, I GAVE the 1282 to a member in Michigan, Mike Poczik, along with a truck bed full of implements. A neighbor took all the yellow cubs, decks, blades, etc. The wife was getting upset, the stuff had to go. Mike was the only person who had a real interest in getting the stuff so I told him if...
  2. J

    Bulk sale for yard full of Cubs and need to sell it all

    Thank you. Never figured on getting old and gimp. Brain still racing with things to do and have to hobble around the yard just puttering about. LOL!
  3. J

    Bulk sale for yard full of Cubs and need to sell it all

    I have a yard full of Cubs and need to sell it all. Due to physical limitations I'm unable to deal with individual sale items of packing and mailing. I'd like a bulk sale for the following stuff. I’m in Waverly, VA, 23890. I’ve got a 1282 Red, runs, new carb rebuild, really super good shape...
  4. J

    Archive through November 02, 2015

    ATT: Jim Patchett (Jpatchett) THANKS!!! Exactly what I was trying to find! Thanks again! Jim
  5. J

    Archive through November 02, 2015

    I've got a few mower decks here and they all need new blades. I've been searching all over the net and on the Cub forums trying to find the part numbers for the needed blades with no luck. I can't make heads or tails from the parts number in the manuals either. Can anyone help me with...
  6. J

    Archive through June 23, 2013

    jeff l baker (Jbaker) Yeah, when it first broke down the shaft was turning . . This morning, no shaft turning I put a cotter pin in there and cut a little bit of grass . . . seems that was the problem
  7. J

    Archive through June 23, 2013

    Everyone!!! Got my 149 going!!! It was the roll pin from the shaft to rear of engine. I had nothing except a cotter pin to check it out . . What size roll pin should I get to put in there. Oh, and I was a member here forever, don't know what happened, my computer crashed, lost...
  8. J

    Archive through June 23, 2013

    my shed waiting on hard stuff you can jack stuff up on . . .
  9. J

    Archive through June 23, 2013

    how do you upload pics? I have image shack
  10. J

    Archive through June 23, 2013

    Charlie "Digger" Proctor (Cproctor) cement v. concrete . . . huh? what am I missing? wrong word used? maybe I should say: "that hard grey stuff you can jack cars up on?" PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 Post edited by MOD to correct links.
  11. J

    Archive through June 23, 2013

    Okay guys . . . just checked and manual hydro relief buttons are up, tomorrow AM will check other tips and post it up here. This is a terrible time to have to work on a Cub . . I just cleared out my 24 x 24 shed and am waiting for a cement man to put a slab in for me. All my junk is...
  12. J

    Archive through June 21, 2013

    My Cub 149 hydro will not go into gear, shifter handle has no resistance at all, the linkage in the tunnel seems to all be working . . . everything works, mower, etc, just will not go forward or reverse. And the shaft from engine to hydro is turning also. What should I check out first...
  13. J

    Archive through September 27, 2007

    So I dismantled my 42" mower deck on my 109 to clean up the surface rust and sharpen the blades. Figured I'd OSPHO the thing while I had it apart, then figured I'd repaint it too, since it was apart. So I went to my local NAPA to get the spray paint; numbers 99L-11934 white and 99L-3857...
  14. J

    Archive through September 25, 2007

    Thanks Digger! I got it now. Hey, the blades I'm looking for say: "optional with IH- xxxxx-xx" What does this mean? And what is the difference in the hard surfaced blades? What came on the decks originally? Do I need Hard Surfaced blades?
  15. J

    Archive through September 25, 2007

    Digger, I'm a retard and still can't figure out how to look it up, oh, and yes, I did try to look it up before. How did you get to the "Three Spindle Mowers" folder? Thanks
  16. J

    Archive through September 25, 2007

    I'm trying to ID my 109's mower deck to get replacement blades. It measures 48" across, has two 10 1/2" (+/-) outer blades, one 22 1/8" (+/-) center blade. All I can make out on the ID tag which is riveted on the deck is: 422 U-1111. Can anyone tell me which deck this is and maybe the...
  17. J

    Archive through April 20, 2007

    Michael A. Miller (Mmiller), Now where in the wide wide world of Virginia did you happen to find that little jewel of a 109? I must travel the wrong roads!
  18. J

    Archive through March 10, 2007

    Your advice needed please. I'm in Virginia, just outside Petersburg. I've just purchased a 149 which is in Ohio. Not two hours later a friend tells me he will give me his 109 which is in pretty good shape outside of needing a starter, tune-up, and air in the tires. His son got him a new...