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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. lkortkamp

    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    One of my hot rods.
  2. lkortkamp

    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    Well, middle is installed. I used 16 ga and it was tough to roll but the radius matches a 55 gal drum so I clamped one end and slowly heated and bent it around to the ring of drum. Sprung a touch but I welded the center first and rolled it around evenly and tacked it as I went. Then I put...
  3. lkortkamp

    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    As I was forming the piece of steel I realized it really comes close to the bolts that go to the hanging mounts and such. By the picture, I am right. It just clears.
  4. lkortkamp

    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    That's it. Just need to figure out how to make it.
  5. lkortkamp

    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    My current deck is getting really bad(rusty)so I started to rebuild one of my other decks that is in pretty nice shape. I dismantled it, blasted it, and now wanting to add the metal "guards" or guides that wrap around the outside of the blades. Only problem is I don't have any good pictures of...
  6. lkortkamp

    Finally another 127 upgrade

    Well after a couple years of dealing with a constant dead battery, I finally spent the money and had Charlie send me a new regulator. Wow, it actually charges the battery AND doesn't kill the battery when left hooked up anymore. WOW, miracles never cease? I had constantly filed the points in...
  7. lkortkamp

    Free Cub Cadet 147

    If you can't hear the engine while the deck is running......it needs new bearings. I've spent years putting up with screaming deck bearings. I finally bit the bullet and bought three new assemblies. Wow!!! The deck is nearly silent now. Why did I wait so long. All the grease I used to pump...
  8. lkortkamp

    Those &%$*! Roll Pins

    When I bought my 149, it had a bolt in the driveshaft. I would typically shear off about once a season, leaving me stuck in the middle of the yard til I found another 1/4" grade 8 bolt long enough to work. I bought a handful and kept in my bolt bin. I then bought a new shaft and coupler from...
  9. lkortkamp

    Hoods and the constant rattle

    My rattle is all at the front. I thought about adding something back at the dash, but this is all metal noise. The welt strip I put in last week is still working fine this weekend. Nice and quite. I will still look at replacing the hinge!!
  10. lkortkamp

    Hoods and the constant rattle

    Hmmmm, my 149 is missing those latches. My 127 has part of the factory clips hanging but need replaced so they can actually work.
  11. lkortkamp

    Hoods and the constant rattle

    I've got a new driveshaft installed so that is pretty tight. Those big door hinges look like the ticket. Anything but that flimsy 1/16" piece of wire in that piano hinge. I had thoughts of finding rubber bumpers with stud mounts and machine a surface on the grille to recess them for proper...
  12. lkortkamp

    Hoods and the constant rattle

    Is it just me? My 149 has the piano hinge that is getting very loose. My 127 has the two bolts that are excessively loose. I now know why so many people just remove the hoods on old tractors! Is the only fix buying a new piano hinge every couple years? The 127 was a very worn tractor when...
  13. lkortkamp

    Anti-zero turn

    I think about a ZT, but the cost? Ya, not happening. I do think my lower back would survive mowing better as the 149 beats me to pieces due to my South Dakota badlands style yard. Those new ZT with suspension would make it like riding my La-Z-Boy!
  14. lkortkamp

    My Dad’s IH Model 149

    Ditto. Start with wheel bearings? New tires? How's the deck?(spindle bearings, pulleys, tensioner). Tie rods? Steering loose? Like Ray said, get familiar with the tractor before digging too deep. You don't want to have a big pile of parts that never sees the light of day again!
  15. lkortkamp

    149 pros and cons

    Lots of truth there. If he was that hard to deal with, likely better to not have to deal with in person....after 3 hour drive!
  16. lkortkamp

    149 pros and cons

    Love my 149. If the tractor runs, the PTO is not really a hard fix even if you have to pull it and rebuild it. Hopefully the button fell off and that is all that is wrong with it. It is the wear point between the arm that presses on the PTO and the PTO nose. Once gone, it won't...
  17. lkortkamp

    My Dad’s IH Model 149

    Welcome. Looks like a great project. All there and runs! Being family owned since new is cool too. You can literally replace every worn piece using the sponsors of this forum.
  18. lkortkamp

    steering box adjustment?

    Agree, start with all the rod ends. Any kind of wear will cause severe loose steering. I went through that with my 127(it was really, really loose). I did go through the box when I rebuilt the motor. It really is pretty simple to tear down, clean, adjust and reinstall. I also bought the...
  19. lkortkamp

    Kohler experts

    Is the clamp on the shaft slipping? Is the shaft binding up on the bushing in the block? Isn't there a centrifugal weight set up inside? (it's been a year since I looked at mine) I had a real eye opener when I rebuilt my 12 hp last summer. I had NO clue what I was getting into(I'm a...
  20. lkortkamp

    Here we go again!!

    Looks like fun! All them shiny new parts. Is that a Kirk plate on the crank? I did mine with one. I installed it myself at work, but the machine shop I use for my big car stuff put it on their balancer just to see if it was close. It was spot on.