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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. J

    129 low power at full throttle

    Make an adapter to put compressed air in the spark plug hole. Then set the piston at TDC, lock it in place, and add air pressure to the cylinder. Now listen to the intake, exhaust, and dipstick for air. Feel around the head for leaks, maybe spray a little WD40 at the gasket area, and look for...
  2. J


    Use one of the old rings you removed
  3. J

    Hydro Pump Shaft Hole Egged Out

    Maybe drill it larger and tap it. Then thread a plug in the shaft and redrill it for the correct size pin. Another option would be to disassemble and weld up the hole then machine it back to spec.
  4. J

    18 H.P Command or Magnum

    I have oil pressure gauges on all my engines with oil pumps
  5. J

    K301 rebuild

    Most folks don't. But if you put compressed air in the cylinder with the piston at TDC on the compression stroke if the valves are leaking you will hear air at the carb and or muffler. OR the dip stick if you have a lot of blow-by.
  6. J

    melted connection on on kohler cv 12.5

    I would guess the cause to be the push on terminal became loose. Just put new push on terminals on each wire and get rid of the damage connector. Be sure to use insulated terminals.
  7. J

    Uneven cuts

    I have seen the deck shell bent many times. The deck materials are so damned cheap any more.
  8. J

    Idles Rough a lower speeds, and with blades engaged acts as if it’s bogging down. Any suggestions

    It's difficult to believe it is starved for fuel at idle and still runs at full throttle. A very interesting problem. I can't wait to hear the solution. It sounds as if the fuel system has been totally replaced.
  9. J

    Carb: Carter #30 on a K301?

    Old Hotrodders trick. BOLT A BIGGER CARB ON HER
  10. J


    I do service for 2 lawn care people. When I service their mowers I use a SHARPIE & note the hours date and service in a convenient location on the mower. The owner then knows when & what was done. AND Hopefully when to bring it back for service again. So far it works.
  11. J

    Flat trailer tire

    I just filled mine with foam. See how on YOUTUBE. It works so far!!!
  12. J

    Best Carb Cleaner

    NAPA Mac's Carburetor Cleaner With Dipping Basket - 1 Gal
  13. J

    torque wrench recommendations

    How would you calibrate a torque wrench in your home shop? I like the click type cause you can't always see the reading on the beam type due to position. The only problem I see with the clicker type is people always want to do a little extra pull after the "click". Just my experience supervising...
  14. J


    LCGLY New Starter Relay Solenoid Switch Compatible with 1956-up and B-6A-11450A C6AF C7AF C3912 C9AF D2AF11450AA 50-430, 12V Heavy Duty SW3 12-Volt,B6AZ-11450-A,Ford Jeep Lincoln Mercury 1958-1991 $11.99 on amazon I use this one as a replacement every time.
  15. J

    Steering wheel removal

  16. J

    Installing an electric power steering in my 1440.

    I understand "turned 80" same with me
  17. J

    K 241 carburetor

    manuals provide a starting setting. Once it's running it needs to be tweaked
  18. J


    Check the oil level before starting. If high it could be a carb leaking gas into the cylinders problem.
  19. J

    Parts Wanted ISO main jets

    O/A torch tip cleaner works great to clean carb jets.