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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. glippert

    782 Hydro Leak Help

    I'm certain the leak won't go away with time. Probably the relief valves are leaking. If they are, check MachTech Direct on facebook or the web. Also, on my 782 I found one of the metal lines that go to the hydraulic cylinder was leaking at the nut, where it attaches to the hydro. I...
  2. glippert

    New member

    Welcome, Jason. You may or may not be aware that the 1450 is part of the Quiet Liine (QL) series. That designation is helpful when you peruse the FAQs on this forum, which will guide you through almost everything you may need to do for your tractor. Enjoy!
  3. glippert

    1st snow challenge 2024

    The Cub's 2-Link chains vs the WH's 4-link chains give the cub a noticeable advantage, too.
  4. glippert

    voltage regulator

    I think Joe's probably referring to the rectifier module on quiet lines, 82 series, etc.
  5. glippert

    New old member

    Welcome back, Robert. The sponsors at the top of each page are usually the best place to go for new & used parts. Also, the wanted/for sale section will help you find parts from other forum members. And the FAQs section will provide a wealth of knowledge and information on everything you need...
  6. glippert

    Snow blade installation oh cub 782

    Dale, make sure the belt is completely removed, to ensure it isn't binding somewhere. Then, if the front of the mule drive dropped down, it should just pull straight forward (assuming there are no modifications from a previous owner. If the ends of the arms are bent, it may be binding under...
  7. glippert

    QA-42A Weight

    Does anyone know the weight of a QA-42A snow thrower?
  8. glippert

    trunion fun stuff/149

    Nice job, Gary. That old one was REALLY worn bad - I bet the improvement is very noticeable. And, I agree, getting that shim behind the snap ring can be a real bugger.
  9. glippert

    Do I have a leaky head gasket?

    Regular engine oil.
  10. glippert

    1450 wiring question

    He got it from: Charle = Digger = CC Specialties (One of the sponsors of this site).
  11. glippert

    1981 International Cub Cadet 682

    Correct - no dipstick. Fill through the plug hole at the rear. Fill it up to the bottom of the hole (when the HyTran starts running out).
  12. glippert

    Wheels & studs

    Some forum members have replaced their wheel bolts with studs. Try the "Search" button at the top right to look for details.
  13. glippert

    Gardens 2023

    David, our city allows us to tee off our water supply line and add a 2nd meter to supply only the outside faucets. That meter is not charged any sewer charges. The city supplies the meter at no charge and the homeowner is responsible for installation costs. (I installed it myself, so it only...
  14. glippert

    Couldn't believe an entire forum just for this machine!

    Here's a link to the free manuals to download: http://ccmanuals.info/manuals.html
  15. glippert

    hydro trans

    Are you, by chance, holding the brake pedal down? That will center the F-R shift lever and hold it there. If not, check the linkages under the tunnel cover and in the dash tower for any worn or misaligned parts.
  16. glippert

    IH Cub Cadet decals -

    Cubbie, that looks really good. My compliments to you on taking all the input and making the necessary changes. It's vastly improved from the first iteration!
  17. glippert

    QA42 snow blower sprocket assemble

    Earl - It's pretty easy to take it apart. Loosen the big bolts on the chain adjuster and remove the starter link to remove the chain. The u-joint should have two set-screws to remove. Note, there should also be a cotter pin through the end of the shaft, inside the u-joint, but it looks like...
  18. glippert

    Snow Thrower Tangles W/Dog Toy 🤣. This was a Pain in the Ars

    Gerry, it's good to see your name pop up again!
  19. glippert

    Snow Thrower Tangles W/Dog Toy 🤣. This was a Pain in the Ars

    I know it's not mine. Mine was an automatic dog tie-out (and deck post) winder-upper! :roflol:
  20. glippert


    My money's on Lewis P's suggestion. Remove the solenoid and thoroughly clean rust & corrosion from behind it, as well as the mounting bolts/studs.