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  1. Kodi Marshall

    Cub Cadet Photobomb

    You should definitely pick it up again! Digital just does not have the sould film does, where I live as well the nearest few camera shops are 4 hours away which makes it hard, so I order my film and supplies online and process my film myself. If however your not interested in it and aren't...
  2. Kodi Marshall

    Cub Cadet Photobomb

    Dark room!
  3. Kodi Marshall

    Cub Cadet Photobomb

    Developed some photos today I snapped of my Cub, I made my exhaust stack to where I like it now, but really I snapped these for everyone's viewing pleasure hope you enjoy, Thanks! Film - Fujifilm Velvia 100 E6 Camera - Pentax K1000 Development - Cinestill C41. This is some old expired slide...
  4. Kodi Marshall

    ‘70 Cub 127 Updates.

    Been doing a lot of work to my old Cub. I was having trouble with my brake pedal returning my drive handle to neutral and a bit of grease and brake clean freed that up and fixed it! My throttle was not staying where I would put it so I was having to hold it in place while operating it and I...
  5. Kodi Marshall

    127 Hydro problem

    Thank you I appreciate that!! Yeah im used to only using the lever as well to slow down after owning my share of Hy Drive case tractors, but I would like it to work as mother IH intended 😊 Thanks again!
  6. Kodi Marshall

    127 Hydro problem

    Hello! I’m a new member and I am Currently experiencing some issues with my recently purchased ‘70 127. It runs and drives perfectly fine and the hydro seems strong although in desperate need of a fluid change 😑, my problem is when In reverse I can push the brake and the tractor will easily...
  7. Kodi Marshall

    New Member! 1970 Cub Cadet 127

    Yeah absolutely! It’s in beautiful shape for 54 years old, I eventually am going to somewhat restore it but for now im just going to use it. Yes it’s very cold here last night we were -60c -76f with the wind chill lol I’ve got some tire chains for it! I’ll be eventually upgrading to ag tires for...
  8. Kodi Marshall

    1970 Cub Cadet 127

    Here is my Cub, she’s a ‘70 127. Everything on it appears to be original minus one front tire, unfortunately I have no implements for it and around here they are very rare to find and expensive if you do. I did add a temporary exhaust stack until i can make it better but for now she’s good.
  9. Kodi Marshall

    1st snow challenge 2024

    That’s awesome!! This gives me a lot of hope for my 127! I’ve got a few Sears Suburbans that are belt driven that push snow well and seem To have no shortage of power in any situation so I’m excited to see how much more I’ll get out of hydro with the Cub!
  10. Kodi Marshall

    New Member! 1970 Cub Cadet 127

    Hello everyone! Thanks for Letting me on here! I grew up farming on IH equipment and that’s a love that has stayed my whole life, we’ve had IH 1066 Turbos and a 1256 a W9 Standard Wheatland and a W9D Standard Wheatland that fired on gasoline and once warm switched and run on diesel at the pull...