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  1. K

    Advice needed front end loader on 2284

    Folks, I have a cub cadet 2284 which I got running to my satisfaction. Now I am thinking of putting a front end loader on it. I have a couple questions, cause I am sort of a newbie at this. Is there a loader made specifically for the 2284? Or is there one that will easily attach, without a...
  2. K

    Sickle bar mower on 2284

    Anybody on here ever try to put a sickle bar mower on a cub cadet 2284? Any ideas or knowledge or experiences given much appreciated. Thanx all
  3. K

    Question on generic 2284 carb

    I posted a couple of threads about the carb and problems I having with my 2284 running rough. I ended up ordering a new Chinese carb, as a last ditch effort. I got on for my ch22 Kohler, that even had an accelerator pump on it. The original one didn't, but someone here mentioned it. The carb...
  4. K

    Tractor For Sale For Sale

    I don't have a NEED for anything, right now. Just saw the reasonable price he was asking, and thought I'd take a look-see if he lived near me. In the future, I might be looking for tiller attachment, once I get my 2284 all fixed. Your in west Bloomfield, Michigan? Or Bloomfield, New York?
  5. K

    Question on kehein carb

    Hey, Thanx so much for the info. I dug around in the box of extra parts that came with the tractor, and found pieces of the old carburetor.. the old one DID have the adjustment screws, but the replacement one he got doesn't. Rather than rebuild this, I just gonna buy a Chinese one off eBay...
  6. K

    Tractor For Sale For Sale

    Bit too far. I'm upstate New York. Good luck to you, though.
  7. K

    Question on kehein carb

    On the cub cadet 2282 I picked up and am fighting. I finally got the engine to fire up and run, but it will only run with choke almost completely closed ( like 9/10's closed). I wanted to adjust the idle jets, but there AREN'T any. It has a new kehein 24 053 32 carb on it, bit where the...
  8. K

    I need a pic of 2284 carb linkage

    Perfect Now I have a starting point. Thanx to all.
  9. K

    I need a pic of 2284 carb linkage

    Is anyone working on their 2284 right now? If so, a favor? Could you post a pic of the carb linkage? This is what it looks like on the unit I picked up, but I think a bunch of stuff is missing. Springs, links, etc. if you could post a pic of a "good, working" one, it would be appreciated. Thank...