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  1. lpalma

    Does my 42" mower deck need a tensioner pulley?

    Looks like this by the way...
  2. lpalma

    782 engine swap, wiring sanity check

    Do you have to replace the switch?
  3. lpalma

    682 PTO

    It would be easier to remove with it off, I do believe you have to remove the muffler to take the PTO off.
  4. lpalma

    1330 only runs on gas poured down carb

    I used to live in that area, did you know tricky dicky used to live in the bears nest?
  5. lpalma

    Mating Driveshaft to none standard engine

    They made a lot of different variants in that model. You need the code and date, like this 422437-1248-01 so you need the rest of those so you can view it at B&s.com Use this link. https://www.cubcadet.com/en_US/content-asset-page-includes/ari-partstream.html and click on the cub cadet box in...
  6. lpalma


    Yes they are hard to find, the o.p. is better off using the 50" on it till he finds one.
  7. lpalma


    Have you done this swap Matt?
  8. lpalma

    Mating Driveshaft to none standard engine

    here is a 782 parts book.
  9. lpalma

    New member - Canton, Oh - My 2182

    I was able to download the wiring diagrams, covers certain serial numbers. See section G page 33 for the 2182.
  10. lpalma

    New member - Canton, Oh - My 2182

    Matt, there are 300 pages so I have yet to scan it and prolly will never do it. Here are the connectors, trying to find out where they go will be a challenge. The service manuals for the garden and super garden tractors have all the wiring diagrams for those models. I believe I sent Craig those...
  11. lpalma

    New member - Canton, Oh - My 2182

    There is a page in the wire harness service manual that has all of the part numbers and drawings of each connector. I will post it in the pm tomorrow.
  12. lpalma


    Rare # 4 cart. I like those as they sit higher off the ground than the #1 and 2.
  13. lpalma

    149 making rattle sound especially on shut down.

    It could be the drive line, pto, something under the seat, low air in the tires, hydro drive needs adjusting, ect ect...
  14. lpalma

    2017 XT2, LX46 electric PTO removal

    There is no service manual I know of, dealer may help you out.
  15. lpalma

    2017 XT2, LX46 electric PTO removal

    What is your model number? is it this 13WQA4CN210 this looks like you have to contact a dealer. The PTO nut is lefty loosey
  16. lpalma

    2017 XT2, LX46 electric PTO removal

    Do you have the manual? if not go here and enter 13AZA1CN010 the info you need is in there.... http://manuals.mtdproducts.com/mtd/Public.do
  17. lpalma


    Looks like an MTD tractor.
  18. lpalma

    Tractor won’t shut off

    Can you throttle up after you turn off the key? If not is it maybe a starter or regulator malfunction
  19. lpalma

    What should I do with this Cub Cadet?!

    As the above post stated you may want to get it to run, it is an early model with the oops pedal and it will have a spring hook on the dash tower to hold the hood down so a collector should want that one more. Serial number will be located on top of the transmission.