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    Serial number lookup

    no model number tags on the hood. serial number is 2050630U572317.I believe it has a kohler engine in it.
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    Serial number lookup

    Not sure if you can answer this for me or maybe someone else can. I have a 1976 International 1250 Cub Cadet with a 12 hp (8.9 kW) Kohler engine. We got it running when we brought it home. But know it does not want to start. We got it started with jumper cables hooked up the the starter. But...
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    Serial number lookup

    I have an old CubCadet international , no model number tags on the hood. I do have a serial number 2050630U572317 I have tried to find some kind of S/N lookup on internet, would anyone here know of one or be able to tell me what model number it is?