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  1. Bill Sick

    Cub 100 engine upgrade

    I have a creeper gear for the crowded times and areas... Why would I parts shop at 16 mph. There are times ad places for everything and I appreciate your judgement of my amount of common sense... I Guess I should have said... I want to race my neighbor on his junk Deere on a closed course...
  2. Bill Sick

    Cub 100 engine upgrade

    Hi we use a Cub 100 basically as a golf cart for swap meets... Because some of the meets are larger and I like a bit of a thrill, I upgraded the pinion and bull gear to the largest available... Ok ,. So it's fun.... About 12 mph on the asphalt with the tires I'm currently running.. I'm...
  3. Bill Sick

    Cub 100 rear end

    Well Shoot... I was kinda hoping for a painless swap... Looks like I have to get my hands dirty....
  4. Bill Sick

    Cub 100 rear end

    Hi All New to the forum I have a Cub 100 that we use basically as a golf cart to get around antique motorcycle meets. {waaaay cooler than a stupid cart!} Anyway... I have a few broken teeth in the trans that I have been babying along for a few years... Last fall things were getting iffy, so...