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  1. J

    Member Jkoenig

  2. J

    Member Jkoenig

    Your name is very familiar. He talk about you to me … I am the wife…from time to time Thanks also for being kind to him.
  3. J

    Member Jkoenig

    It is with a heavy heart to tell this forum that Jkoenig has passed away. He love this forum and all its content. He loved his cub cadets. Thank you all for all the knowledge and fun this forum gave him. He passed away June 7 from complications from als.
  4. J

    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    Yes, but you would have to do better than that fire sale price. For that money, I'll prolly just give it to my son who has a 149.
  5. J

    Funny Ads

    VW/Audis actually pressurize coolasnt into their wiring when the coolant sensor blows. Coolant has been found filling up tail lights.
  6. J

    Parts Wanted Cub Cadet # 2 Tiller

    No Brian, I have most of a tiller I want to give away. A guy in the Chicago area gave it to me. I plan to pass along the favor.
  7. J

    Parts Wanted Cub Cadet # 2 Tiller

    What corner of the world are you in Brian?
  8. J

    Funny Ads

    Is it propane powered?
  9. J

    Tractor id and question

    Tony, If you need used parts, either place a classified ad, or contact R.F. Houtz a sponsor above: Link: Cub Cadet Used Parts
  10. J

    Is there a bucket attachment for the 169?

    Tony, You may be interested in a Johnny Bucket. Link: Johnny Bucket HAULS-IT-ALL For most lawn and garden tractors and Many More
  11. J

    782 progress

    Tony, get several sets and alternate.
  12. J

    95 electric RER

    The thermal overload should be an easy fix for the right motor shop. I may be able to help source the overload if you have specs.
  13. J

    Bought something else i prolly dont need.

    WQew had one of those on a push mower. Bought a Lawn Boy to replace it at the same time Dad bought the Cub Cadet (124).
  14. J

    Parts For Sale Any of you Bitractorals want some Greene manuals

    They are no cost, but I’d rather they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to ship. They are For 112 and 214.
  15. J

    Headlight upgrades?

    Digger has them at CC Specialties.
  16. J

    Cub Cadet 100

    And a cigarette lighter.
  17. J

    Funny Ads

    I had one of those Mustangs when I was a kid. It did wheelies pretty well, and if you reached around and boosted the throttle shaft, it ran 4,000+ pretty reliably.. They sold them out of the Sunday paper as I recall.
  18. J

    New 169 owner in Va.

    Manuals: Cub Cadet Specialties Manuals