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  1. ajaytay

    My Free Compressor

    IMHO, that is a C-Aire compressor. Both my son and I have C-Aire 80 gallon compressors. Quality workmanship, and practically bulletproof... but maybe not rustproof. If it turns out the tank is safe, you'll love this thing. I believe the the pump was made in Italy, and is a good unit. Was the...
  2. ajaytay

    Prayers & Positive Thoughts, Please

    Greg... All things are possible through Him! Will include you in my evening prayers. Art
  3. ajaytay

    Parts For Sale Scraper Blade for BB36 or CW36 Snowblower for the International Original

    Brand New.... Heavier steel than OEM blade. $50.00 plus shipping.
  4. ajaytay

    Parts Wanted Actuator for chute on 451

    My son posted this video on YouTube nine years ago. A power window motor and a straight shot hookup with a short extension and socket. Cub Cadet 2072 wearing a 450 blower.
  5. ajaytay

    bringing home a 70 is a tad insane

    Gary... GREAT story and congrats on getting it "loosened and tightened up" to see that the engine is fairly sound. One of my favorite YouTube channels is one by MUSTIE. This guy will take old mowers and engines that people put out on the curb to get rid of, bring them home and get them running...
  6. ajaytay

    The story and transformation of "Pinkie" the 1963 70

    Great story and a very nice job of repainting! I will add something on paint prep.... Now this is coming from an near 80,year old mind, remembering my teenage years of "Black Magic" Bondi and "Green Stuff" glaze. Not having access to welding equipment or knowledge of using llead for filling...
  7. ajaytay


    Need help IDing this post hole digger. I've got all the parts, and my son replaced the seals in it and I'm trying to locate the manufacturer of this unit. It came with an 8" and 12" drills. The "nimrod" I traded with, attached a 12" drill with a larger diameter opening, and instead of using...
  8. ajaytay


    I found the video that my son posted on YouTube, regarding his 450 Blower on his 2072 CC. Not recommended if you live in town, as YOUR snow will be YOUR NEIGHBOR'S snow
  9. ajaytay

    1939 International Milk Truck.

    Greg.... i was a new hire at Meyer Dairy and they didn't have uniforms for the newly hired, as they didn't know how long you'd last! I stayed a little over a year and had enough money for another year of college. No pictures, sadly. Kevin and Kraig...... that name, Divco, looked so familiar...
  10. ajaytay

    1939 International Milk Truck.

    There was a great article in yesterdays Pioneer Press on a guy that picked up a 1939 International milk truck. A family member from the Arkukary Grocery store, which was based in Duluth, bought the truck in the 1990's and used it in parades. A Moorhead antique collector, who now owns it said...
  11. ajaytay

    Archive through May 04, 2018

    I'm trying to get info on adjusting the toe in/toe out on my Original. The right from tire wears to complete Yul Brenner, while the left is perfect. I used to adjust this on my 59&66 VW Beetles with a stick, but forgot how to do it. You would take a stick and cut it to a certain length and...