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  1. dschwandt

    Funny Ads

    That's gotta be the ultimate non-zero turn GT! AKA "Give Me Forty Acres" I can just hear The Willis Brothers now........ Crap, that darn song will be running trough my head now all day long!
  2. dschwandt

    Tractor For Sale Project tractor for sale

    Hell of a deal If you were closer...... You are not asking enough. At that price you are selling the fenders, deck and blade and GIVING away the tractor!!
  3. dschwandt

    Trans oil change

    Simple, use whatever the owners manual states to use.
  4. dschwandt

    Trans oil change

    Bruce, FYI, the original posters questions were about a gear drive cub, not a hydro. By all means, DO NOT USE 30 weight oil in your hydro.!! I can only hole you did not!!
  5. dschwandt

    Langmuir CrossFire CNC Pro plasma table

    Anyone here have one?? Have been keeping an eye put for one now for about a year and have noticed there are usually one or two on FB and C/L nearly all the time and wondering what up with these and why are they for sale? Many appear to be nearly new and lightly used and asking near new prices as...
  6. dschwandt

    How Difficult to Replace Wiring Harness

    First off, download a copy of the wire diagram from this site and study it somewhat. Take pictures of where the wires on your Cub are now and make notes Remove the old harness and make notes about just what comes and goes to where and you will know just how hard (or not) the task will be. Your...
  7. dschwandt

    AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree May 18th 2024

    Nice show to attend but the plowing areas are very small, at least they were last time I went. If there are very many folks that want to plow, You will be lucky to make more than a few rounds before it's all done.
  8. dschwandt

    To Rebuild or Just Leave As Is

    Use plenty of oil as it will help clean things out and suspend debris so they don't get puched through into the combustion chamber. In and out, in and out repeatedly as needed while chasing the threads.
  9. dschwandt

    To Rebuild or Just Leave As Is

    I believe so, yes
  10. dschwandt

    To Rebuild or Just Leave As Is

    Now tha you have the piece out, run a pipe tap through the threads to clean them up
  11. dschwandt

    IH Cub Cadet 70

    and don't for get the rod size needed after checking the crank it may need ground undersize if it is out of spec. If you are going to spend the $$ for a proper overhaul, do it right the 1st time.
  12. dschwandt

    IH Cub Cadet 70

    That bore in the 3rd picture looks pretty ugly!!
  13. dschwandt

    Cub Cadet 169 W/ Viking Roller Seeder #33

    Just curious, what was the freight on that from MN to you??
  14. dschwandt

    Everyone, I need some troubleshooting advise - 1450 starter "died"

    Got a test lamp? Use it on the solenoid terminals and the starter terminal. That should get you zeroed in on the issue.
  15. dschwandt

    Scouts Honor, Farm Strong

    ATTENTION ALL SCOUT AND IH TRUCK FANS....... Red Power Roundup in Spencer Iowa, June 20-23, 2024 There will be an area to display them..... ALL THINGS IH will be on display from huge farm tractors to household appliances. Featuring this year 100 Years of IH Its the National International...
  16. dschwandt

    Tractor For Sale Shipping Cub Cadets via common carrier

    You will probably have to drain all the fluids from it. At least I know that pertains to transmissions etc. as I have shipped several and that was the case with those.
  17. dschwandt

    New member with a decision to make.

    Josh, I have to correct my previous post from a few minutes ago!! The 1250 will likely have a standard manual lift, that is unless it was ordered with one. Don't know what the heck I was thinking!! The 102 will pull a 10" plow, yes. The 1250 has a manual lift as well. For a plow rig, a Cub...
  18. dschwandt

    New member with a decision to make.

    The 102 will pull a 10" plow, yes but the 1250 has hydraulic lift and for a plow is very handy compared to the 102 w/,manual lift. If you plan on attending any plow days, the hydraulic lift would be my choice. There was a hydraulic lift option for the NF Cubs but they are very hard to come by...
  19. dschwandt

    New member with a decision to make.

    Well for starters the 102 is a 10HP narrow frame gear drive unit w/manual PTO and manual lift and starter generator. Whereas the 1250 is a 12HP wide frame hydro with electric PTO clutch and hydraulic lift and electric starter. Does either one come with a deck and/or options such as a rear...
  20. dschwandt

    Help with ID-ing Cub Model and Rear Hitch type?

    You would be doing more gouging in soft material and riding/sliding high in firmer material than actual grading I'm afraid. Dozing with a manual lift GT is not easy. There is a lot of inherent slop in the linkage that you will be constantly 2nd guessing. Good luck!