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  1. jknight

    Parts For Sale Cub Cadet 8 hp cat 0 tiller

    Just been sitting in the garage last ten years. time to make room paid 400$ for it start from there message me on the web site 15074 zip
  2. jknight

    Parts For Sale Solid 50C mower deck.

    Deck solid not rusted out has four wheels. Bad part all the spindles are shot. Asking 50.$ Contact me through forum email. 16066 area
  3. jknight

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet 1810 with snow plow and weights and chains.

    Cub Cadet 1810 good transmission engine needs starter rebuilt and a new coil pack. Mice just love those hidden spaces. Just been sitting for the last four years. Been switching over to Cub Cadet Diesel's and Kubota B series. email here Not looking to scrap it good tin and trans tires good...
  4. jknight

    Parts For Sale IH cub cadet cat o three point tiller with motor

    This three point worked well on my 782 d but since have found a Kubota b7100 with a tiller and plow. I have 450$ in the tiller just been sitting in the garage for the last four years. i could use the space for other implements. No photo's at this time garage is full of wood for building a...
  5. jknight

    Parts Wanted Cub cadet 882

    just use the kubota part of the number and try yacht supply in Fla. they have a good price on kubota parts for the engine.
  6. jknight

    1782 relay locations for pto??

    Thank you for the information. found it just not the problem. All in all it turns out the pto was the problem and a corroded fuse for the fuel shut off solenoid,
  7. jknight

    1782 relay locations for pto??

    I have the wiring diagram for the 1782 pto run position for the switch. It shows a reverse relay 725-1375 I am trying to find the location of this relay ?? Joe
  8. jknight

    1782 electrical relay locations for pto

    I have the wiring diagram for the 1782 pto run position for the switch. It shows a reverse relay 725-1375 I am trying to find the location of this relay ?? Joe
  9. jknight

    782D journey

    Just take the fitting to any auto parts store they can fit the snap ring to the fitting.
  10. jknight

    #7 Trailer

    The B7100 1080# Joe
  11. jknight

    Tractor Wanted Cub Diesel

    I do not know about anyone else but have found a diesel will cost you approx half of what you pay for the machine used. 1782 the front axle if not adjusted properly and run hard will break the stops where the small tension bolts ride on to keep it from wanting to turn with the power steering...
  12. jknight

    Tractor Wanted Cub Diesel

    Diesels all the way Cub Cadet 782d Cub Cadet 1782 d Kubota B7000 diesel Kubota B7100 diesel
  13. jknight

    #7 Trailer

    Congratulations looks like you found something capable of a lot of uses Even a Kubota B7100 would fit on there.
  14. jknight

    Could not help myself it looked lonesome and tired

    Hi Back again. It took four changes of fluid running the tractor in low range and getting the fluid hot between changes. On the last change I did change the filter in the low suction line. But it is like the fuel filter screens in CC fuel shut offs. Only it is longer and larger. Brass...
  15. jknight

    Working on the 882 this weekend

    Odyssey get the measurements from the battery tray and contact Odyssey they will have on that will crank it and fit.
  16. jknight

    New Tractor recommendation's ?

    All my Cub Cadet Kubota diesels start fine in the winter. Unheated garage helps. My Kubota 4x4 tractors sit outside. The two cyl starts easier than the three cyl. But looking for a new tractor I would just look for a B series 6100 or 7100 Kubota 4x4 and do what it takes to make it a...
  17. jknight

    Working on the 882 this weekend

    Look for a boat supply store near you. They have Kubota engine parts as well. Cheaper than the dealers. or try the Netherlands or Cyprus.
  18. jknight

    How Cold Is IT?

    20 degrees this morning.
  19. jknight

    New to site need advice on 1572 D

    When you remove the tank and clean the tank I would replace the fuel shut off valves with ones without screens they tend to clog and it is easier to replace the other two replaceable filters. While your doing this replace the fuel lines when you replace the filters. You will end up with a...
  20. jknight

    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Just have to love those IH trucks and Scouts And what they can do.