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  1. Neil Mullins

    782 front subframe wear?

    Just a thought on welding them up. Might consider using hard facing rods that are used for anti wearing loader bucket surfaces. Then hand grind to fit. I have used it for repairing a broken gear tooth or teeth.
  2. Neil Mullins

    147 Cub Cadet how Do I find out what PTO rebuild kit is correct?

    I did face the friction surfaces on the lathe & used 80 grit Emory cloth to crosshatch the surfaces. I also purchased new bolts, triangle spring, 3 coil springs & a new button from CCS.
  3. Neil Mullins

    147 Cub Cadet how Do I find out what PTO rebuild kit is correct?

    I recently went through all the correct steps to rebuild one of these PTO clutches….. EXCEPT for genuine CC friction material… the off brand stuff “EBay” is a crap shoot & you will most likely get burned in the long run. My FleaBay friction material held up for 2 months. Slippage became worse...
  4. Neil Mullins

    Red Sticky grease

    I’m sure the Red n Tacky from Lucas is good grease. For my area most local auto parts stores have it priced in the $10.00 range. I usually buy a carton of grease about every 3-4 months. I most always just buy Lithium based grease at $3.29.
  5. Neil Mullins

    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    Years ago I had a similar tractor. Possibly an 8 ?? It had a recoil start 10 HP Tecumseh engine that had obviously been transplanted. Deck was 38” 2 blade all gear drive on deck. With a belt PTO.
  6. Neil Mullins

    Vermeer M 147H PTO questions

    My recommendation is….Use genuine CC parts to rebuild your PTO. They will work & perform/last a very long time if done correctly.
  7. Neil Mullins

    Chainsaw chain

    I use Oregon or Stihl chains & have an Oregon bench grinder for sharpening & gauging rakers. Almost anything else I have tried as far as chains wear in the hinge pins & the pitch on the drive dogs creates excessive wear on drive sprocket(s). I used to hand file for sharpening & nothing wrong...
  8. Neil Mullins

    Wheels & studs

    I have home made wheel weights that the bulk of pull off to get to the wheel bolts. But about 30#’s of weight & weight bolts stay with the wheel. Some sort of alignment aid is much needed!
  9. Neil Mullins

    Wheels & studs

    I have a regular bolt, same thread as wheel bolts, with the hex head cut off. Run it in a hole with fingers, that gives you a temporary stud. Then install all other bolts, remove stud & replace with last wheel bolt.
  10. Neil Mullins

    New member looking for parts

    Hope you have better luck than I did trying to deal with Briggs & Stratton
  11. Neil Mullins

    1862 Cub Cadet mower issues

    Sounds like a carb/fuel issue to me. Should never be run to mow or other work without an air filter. except for diagnostic reasons
  12. Neil Mullins

    1450 belt issue

    I don’t have a tiller. A few years back I had lots of issues with mower drive belt. After much frustration I removed entire mule-drive assembly. There was lots of wear on the pulley brackets & mounting shaft. This was causing some alignment issues. Once all that was repaired belt issues...
  13. Neil Mullins

    Best Carb Cleaner

    The pine-sol might work well in the ultrasonic too! Last time I used my ultrasonic I was out of simple green & found my wife’s MrClean Worked well.
  14. Neil Mullins

    Best Carb Cleaner

    The pine-sol might work well in the ultrasonic too!
  15. Neil Mullins

    Best Carb Cleaner

    I have an ultrasonic cleaner that uses water & a bit of cleaner like “simple green”. Prices vary depending on size. If you might have other uses for it they are a good investment, & no really harsh chemicals needed. VEVOR 30L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer&Heater 40kHz...
  16. Neil Mullins

    Bought something else i prolly dont need.

    Been a long time, probably late 1960’s since I fooled with one of them. As best I remember took about 4-5 turns to wind up the spring, then fold crank handle back over. Then there was a lever you pushed to crank engine. They worked OK as long as engine was in tune, points, carb etc.
  17. Neil Mullins

    Bought something else i prolly dont need.

    Anyone remember these? https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/threads/briggs-and-stratton-wind-up-starter.463310/
  18. Neil Mullins

    Cub Cadet 1330 PTO clutch switch won't stay engaged without holding the clutch switch on

    If not too much work, replace it with a switch from 1of your other tractors. If that cures it get a new switch & replace it on donor tractor..
  19. Neil Mullins


  20. Neil Mullins

    K-301 carburetor

    Finally managed to get the 12 HP installed in my 106. Had real issues with the eBay replacement carb. First off the fuel bowl overfilled & gasoline just poured out. Pulled bowl to adjust float, then again & again. The tab on the float is horrible thin & the slightest effort bends it. Finally...