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  1. David Lamp

    1250 restoration questions.

    Sorry for my ignorance but would I just need to switch out the entire trans to get the ports? Or is there a possibility that it has the ports if it came factory with a manual lift? Not entirely sure what I’m looking at and this is my first hydro tractor.
  2. David Lamp

    1250 restoration questions.

    Hey everyone, I believe the plan now is for me to swap the motor out of my 1200 into the 1250, I have a few questions about the hydro trans. Does anyone have any videos or info on a refresh for the trans? I’m taking down the 1250 to the frame to clean everything and possibly throw some paint on...
  3. David Lamp

    1200 vs 1250

    Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I bought a 1200, and recently traded my 800 for a 1250. (Before anyone says it was a bad trade I needed parts off the 1250 and the 800 needs a full resto which I am not the guy for that). Between the two tractors and spare parts acquired I have enough to make one...
  4. David Lamp

    QA-42A help

    That’s what I’ve heard, I’m hoping it’s in good shape and hopefully I will be able to service it this summer.
  5. David Lamp

    QA-42A help

    It does have a creeper, but the handle is broken and the previous owner safety wired it into high, I still need to take the tunnel cover off and see if it works.
  6. David Lamp

    QA-42A help

    Hey everyone! Last night I won a pretty good looking QA-42A snowblower at a local auction. I paid way too much for it because locally I have not been able to source one without having to drive a couple of hours to get it. What size belt do I need to grab for it for my 1200? Also what kind of...
  7. David Lamp

    1200 electrical

    I meant to say switch rather than sensors, and thank you! I thought that it has to do with a brake safety or something I’m going to see if its possible to reconnect it but if I am unable to should it still work if they are tied together?
  8. David Lamp

    1200 electrical

    I didn’t know that was a thing! I have a new switch on the way now! Hopefully that fixes it when it gets here tomorrow so that I can move on to the next inevitable issue!
  9. David Lamp

    1200 electrical

    It’s missing nearly everything, I was unable to get it to turn over at all and a full restoration with the correct parts would be too expensive currently. Most of the new parts I got for the 800 go right on the 1200. The 1200 has been stored inside most of its life while my 800 did around 10...
  10. David Lamp

    1200 electrical

    Hey guys! Long time no see! I pretty much entirely gave up on the 800, but I couldn’t get rid of the cub bug. Earlier this week I picked up a 1200 that’s pretty much entirely there besides a few small things, and it came with a snow plow and mower deck to boot! I attempted to get it started...
  11. David Lamp

    Kohler k181 tachometer / temp gauge

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a tachometer/ temp gauge that is compatible with the k181 in my 800. Just want to be able to monitor the engine and don’t mind how it looks. I’ve been trying to find one online that is compatible with the engine but from what I’ve heard only certain tachometers work...
  12. David Lamp

    800 ignition question

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to get a new ignition for my 800 since it didn’t come with a key. All of the ignitions I’ve seen online that say they are for my tractor seem to have 3 or 4 prongs, unlike the one that came off which has 5. JCan anyone offer any advice as to which ignition will actually...
  13. David Lamp

    Greetings from Akron

    Hey everyone, finally joining the ranks. I’ve been looking at cub cadets for it feels like almost two years now, trying to find a deal on a garden tractor. Well last week I pulled an unwanted tractor out of its ingrown spot in the weeds where it sat for multiple years. After posting some...