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    We lost a member...

    Back in August we lost Roland Bedell. We miss him so much on Only Cub Cadets. It is hard to believe that he is gone. Below is his obituary. Rest in peace my friend. https://www.ransfordcollon.com/obituaries/Roland-Frank-Bedell?obId=28731472
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    Tractor For Sale Cub 1772 For Sale

    Did someone on here get it?
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    Restoring Cub Cadet 149 that I am picking up this week in Tennessee.

    What part of Tennessee are you headed to?
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    Thank you. Al Koller

    Almost appears to be a for sale advertisement?
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    New member looking for parts

    What is currently wrong with the batteries you have now? Is the mower still under warrant?
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    CUB CADET 1811 PTO problems

    How did you fix the seat switch?
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    Parts For Sale Cub Cadet Diesel Heat Shields and Chrome Tip

    I have for sale a set of muffler heat shield and a chrome tip kit for the Cub Cadet Diesel tractors. They will also fit a 2182. 90.00 shipped in the lowers 48 states.
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    Parts For Sale Cub Cadet, 3000 series Tie Rod Set

    I have for sale a set of tie rods for the 3000 series Cub Cadets. These are OEM tie rods, not aftermarket. They come as pictured with new nylock nuts and washers. 100 a set. They ship for free to the lower 48 states.
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    Parts For Sale Kubota Muffler For Sale (Cub Cadet Diesel's)

    These are still available. 175.00 plus shipping.
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    Inflation (price gouging) is out of control

    I have seen sellers on eBay price items really high so no one will buy them. They usually are waiting on parts or something is not ready to sell just yet. This was so you would have a high search count, now it is not that big of a deal. now they reset every 60 days or something like that. I have...
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    1872 hydrostatic- moving tractor that is not running

    How long has the tractor sat without the engine running?
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    Parts For Sale New Cub Cadet Diesel Muffler

    Not much time left to get the deal.
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    1811 stopped pulling

    Does the lift work? Sometimes the pin looks good but is not. Check it again.
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    Parts For Sale New Cub Cadet Diesel Muffler

    Thanksgiving and cyber Monday Sale. Sale has ended.