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    Beru Ignition coil

    Been using a gm 12v coil with a resistor for many, many years
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    I need a pic of 2284 carb linkage

    The spring that's unhooked is for keeping the two lever and rod tight.
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    Merry Christmas

    MERRY Christmas everyone Price, , Heath. Prosperity. Perseverance to all
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    No crank on a 4 year old LX1 Kohler 22hp.

    If you can manually turn it just past the dead spot. It should crank thru to start. Make sure your battery and starter are good.
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    2166, runs and stops

    check spark, none replace the coil
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    Motor oil

    Any thoughts on varnished gas disposal? Beside a great ant killer. Have a lot these days
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    Parts Wanted Haban sickle mower

    Heating shop can bend one to keep the finger and other things safe until you find a sheath.
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    Funny Ads

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    Idles Rough a lower speeds, and with blades engaged acts as if it’s bogging down. Any suggestions

    Make sure the fuel is getting to the engine. Pull the fuel line running from the pump to carb. Put the hose in a jar. Spin the engine over to observe the amount off fuel delivery. Should be a good pulsating stream.
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    Had to make noise

    There are charts on the web and most fastener suppliers that show what drill and taps are needed. Both metric and standard. Heli-coils can be used in some instances.
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    Please give thanks' to those that gave some and thosse who gave all
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    Funny Ads

    Rat Tractor
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    Had to make noise

    Rod is destroyed, which mean crank is also. Time for new innards if block is ok.
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    cub 149 steering

    Doe's it start cold, but not hot?. If it doe's then you have a coil / spark issue
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    The puller bolt looks like it's covering the flywheel boss. The bolt should only touch the crank.
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    Cub Cadet 1330 PTO clutch switch won't stay engaged without holding the clutch switch on

    Hold the switch up? Could be the switch needs replaced. Most switches stay either on or off.
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    Just saying that the larger capacity 12v battery passes more current through the smaller cable the the 6v cable.
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    Ever notice that 6v cables are twice the size of 12v cables?
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    Prime (Amazon)?