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  1. balbrecht

    Cub Cadet 100

    Their original was/is a sub 590 serial number. I asked them how they ended up with it, and they said a guy who was using it to mow his lawn traded it in on a new machine. I remember when the 82 series first came out I was 7 years old. My uncle owned the IH dealership in King Ferry NY and I...
  2. balbrecht

    Cub Cadet 100

    I assume that's at Whites Farm supply? If so I saw it out in one of their sheds years ago (2004), they had already resorted it. I went in there looking for some blades for an original that my dad had. Put them on the counter and the young kid working there looked at them and assured me they...
  3. balbrecht

    Parts For Sale No. 2 Tiller and CW36 Thrower For Sale

    Time to make some space for winter. Everything located in Hammond WI. Decent CW36 snow thrower. Does have 1 broken grease zerk on it. Haven't used it in a couple of years, but worked fine when I did. Original paint. All parts to attach it to a narrow frame, one good used belt and one new...
  4. balbrecht

    Have I got the right oil.

    FYI Empire Tractor in Canton can sell you Hytran but it comes in a jug marked "Mastertran". Same exact stuff.
  5. balbrecht

    Al Albrecht. I live in the northern reaches of NY. I'm retired. Own an 1811 Cub Cadet, 50 inch deck with an 18 hp Kohler magnum. Hydrostatic drive.

    Al is from what I would call "upstate" NY being from Hamilton, which is what I call central NY. But no relation that I know of.
  6. balbrecht

    Parts Wanted Narrow Frame Hydrostatic Dump Valve Lever

    Thanks, I have those in my "to order" spreadsheet for tomorrow. But those are parts 8 and 10 in that picture and I need the part they attach to, number 9.
  7. balbrecht

    Parts Wanted Narrow Frame Hydrostatic Dump Valve Lever

    I'm in need of part No. 9 in this image, the hydrostatic dump/bypass valve rod/lever. I can still get a new flapper, by the rod it attaches to is missing. Should be the same part off a 123, 105/125, or 107/127/147 if anyone has one. Otherwise I'll have to fabricate one. Thanks -Brian
  8. balbrecht

    Model 70

    If it has that serial number and a K161 then it's a Model 70, unless someone has changed the engine from a 10hp 100 back to a 7hp. There really isn't anything else other than the engine that would allow you to differentiate between a 100 and 70 of that vintage. Later model 100's would have a...
  9. balbrecht

    tranny trouble

    Well, sounds like you already did the obvious stuff. The description of the problem makes it sound like there is a pressure/flow problem. There are not many things that can create that kind of problem. The easy one is the filter and fluid. After that you could look at the bypass valves on...
  10. balbrecht

    tranny trouble

    Mike, What model are you working with? The hydro fluid may be full, but when was the last time the filter and hydro fluid where changed? Does it have the correct fluid in it? I've brought stuff home before with god knows what in it instead of Hytran. I've also had some hydros with a little...
  11. balbrecht

    Cub Cadet 70

    Hmmm, using a front blade with that shifter setup would certainly be exciting. Better make sure that blade trips pretty freely. It's one thing to take a steering wheel in the gut, but that setup...... :yikes:
  12. balbrecht

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet 127 for sale

    All yours, but I can't believe your 125's are going to let you bring something like that home.
  13. balbrecht

    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet 127 for sale

    Selling a Cub Cadet 127. I took this apart and refurbished it about 15 years ago. The paint job is rattle can, looks better in the pictures than in person, it's scratched and scuffed from use. Comes with the weights, a very lightly used set of original Firestones (not reproductions), sleeve...
  14. balbrecht

    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    The engine sure looks new. But I wonder if someone hasn't swapped out the muffler and exhaust elbow, or maybe painted them. They have been black like the rest of the engine on all the replacement engines I have seen. That would explain the backwards lock ring.
  15. balbrecht

    100 rear tires

    I hear you, glad I bought mine 16 years ago, the set of them was only around 130 bucks.
  16. balbrecht

    100 rear tires

    I've always like the Firestones in the 23x8.5-12 size.
  17. balbrecht

    Hello from upstate NY

    I grew up SE of Syracuse, so Massena was always the true "upstate" for me. There is a web site that has a list of old IH dealerships. They list the following for Robinson Farm Equipment.
  18. balbrecht

    Engine oil

    I've been running this for a number of years with good results.