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    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    The OEM part is notched for clearance where it comes near the bolt heads.
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    Torque value on a spindle nut

    I've used McMaster-Carr shim assortment 3088A934 while rebuilding Cub spindles.... https://www.mcmaster.com/3088A934/ Dry fit everything (no grease, maybe light oil) and pick shim(s) that result in about 0.005" longitudinal play. Put it back together and tighten the nut, then double-check...
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    Manual PTO upgrades, modifications

    If you really are slipping the PTO clutch, something is wrong with it. You should easily be able to stall the engine with load (too much grass, too much snow, etc.) and NOT slip at the PTO clutch.
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    QA42A snow-thrower on narrow-frame tractor?

    Thanks, Roland. The best illustration in that manual that touches on my question is 14A. It's difficult to see clearly, but I'm left to assume that the upper arms splay until they meet the blower housing. I had assumed the arms had to operate square to the pivot pins, but maybe there is...
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    QA42A snow-thrower on narrow-frame tractor?

    I've been staring at the QA42A snow thrower quite a bit, trying to understand how it would fit on a narrow-frame tractor (I have mine on a 782). I can see how you could assemble the center plates with the bolts in the outer holes of the side brackets, but I don't see how the upper arms would...
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    QA42A snow-blower on 82-series, gearbox alignment question

    During some holiday time off, I got into this a little deeper. But I ended up with more questions, instead of a happy resolution. I removed some engine sheet-metal (but not the complete engine), just to get in closer with better measuring equipment. I determined that the transaxle and...
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    QA42a blower - correct police

    Good thought, Don. But applicable only if they were shipped assembled. It might have been expected that the dealer would handle that. Certainly the main plate would not have been assembled to the two side plates because they had to allow for dealer set up for either wide-frame or...
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    QA42A snow-blower on 82-series, gearbox alignment question

    Thanks for the weigh-in, Jim. I'm also running the larger, 5/8" pulley, and feel the belt gives a good, long service lift (But I always have a spare on hand). I'm taking this on as a fun little engineering exercise. Sort of the pursuit of the "perfect installation," without compromises for...
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    QA42a blower - correct police

    I have a QA42A, and mine is not painted. Perhaps they had intended to paint them, but then dropped the idea as a cost savings. .... Somehow a pre-production or mock-up one accidentally made it into the instruction manual photography studio
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    QA42A snow-blower on 82-series, gearbox alignment question

    Today I measured the driveshaft and the transaxle housing angles relative to the fame on the 782, and I'm getting somewhere between 3.5° and 4.5°. Again, I'm limited by not having the greatest measuring tools and techniques. If anyone else has measured the engine installation angle, I'm...
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    QA42A snow-blower on 82-series, gearbox alignment question

    Thank for the picture and follow-up, Matt. I extensively disassembled and reverse-engineered (measured everything I could) on my 2072 to put it into SolidWorks, but did not yet do this for my 782. For the 2072, I came up with 3.36° for the engine installation angle (this is subject to my...
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    QA42A snow-blower on 82-series, gearbox alignment question

    Thanks for your response, Matt. I think I'm gonna do something like that. Maybe get some leveling washers (they swivel to allow a misalignment) from McMaster-Carr, or 3D-print some kind of wedge plates. Does anyone know the theoretical angle (e.g., have access to some old engineering...
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    QA42A snow-blower on 82-series, gearbox alignment question

    Hi all.... I have a QA42A on a 782. I believe the blower is older than the tractor, since it is marked "International Harvester" and the tractor is marked "CCC." I don't remember the exact details (I was a kid), but I recall it was set up by a Cub dealer, and delivered to my dad roughly 40...
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    Archive through May 23, 2011

    I'm looking for a clean, low-hours, CCC 2072 SGT. I am located near Philadelphia; you must be within a day's drive for me. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Chris [email protected]