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  1. D

    what year is my 105 cub cadet ?

    TIM, when you said it was a model 105 I'd have guessed it w shop got allas built in 1968. I would have missed the month. IH was really good about building to a schedule, and a Mixed Model schedule at that. I worked at the FARMALL PLANT in Rock Island, Ill, we built large ag tractors 2wd and...
  2. D

    Couldn't believe an entire forum just for this machine!

    A 12 volt utility battery with the highest cold cranking amps, known as CCA should work. You better find an indoor storage place for it if you hope to keep it running very long. The harsh sunlight and rain & snow from outside " storage" is the worst thing for mechanical equipment. I've got a...
  3. D

    Electric lawn tractors and compact tractors

    The latest issue of Heritage Iron, a collectable ag tractor monthly magazine I got the latest issue last week has a year by year historical news section, and one of the news stories I knew nothing about was NEW IDEA, A short line ag equipment manufacturer released 4 sizes of ELECTRIC garden...
  4. D

    Thought I was done

    Sounds like the infamous Hydro CORK GASKET leak. Last post I saw here about that gasket Cub Cadet changed it to a composite material, a nitrile rubber with ground up cork bits in it with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. The new gasket is WAY superior to the original.
  5. D

    New whacker reco’s

    I totally wore out a cheap corded Weed-Eater string trimmers, went into my local yard care equipment dealer to buy a Stihl straight shaft trimmer and the owner asked if I'd like to SAVE $200? I went home with an Echo that had all the features that the Stihl had. I used it for years & years, gave...
  6. D

    PTO adjustment t/buckles

    DAVE - I checked on-line, surprisingly Amazon isn't the low cost supplier, and Menards isn't either, Lowes has the 1/4" size for $2.58 each. Yes they do wear the 1/4"-20 threads, I've replaced several. Starting with a better material than aluminum would really help, a 12L14 or something. A...
  7. D

    Rebuilding the bottom of a U1111 deck

    I rebuilt my 38" deck on my Cub Cadet #72. That baffle, It's Not a guide, was rusted bad and bent up. I cut a strip of steel about twice as thick and made it tall enough it hangs just lower than the tips of all three mower blades. I used a short piece of angle iron, about 1" per side and 1/8"...
  8. D

    What year is my CC?

    There's other companies that make mower mulching blades like Gator Blades, a company in my town makes some, part of their process is how they harden the cutting edges, the plasma process was developed by a University of Wisconsin Engineering professor. They are a certified supplier to Case/IH...
  9. D

    IH memorabilia

    Sorry guy's that first sentence should say "MANHOURS" NOT MAN HOLES. STINKING AUTO CORRECT,
  10. D

    IH memorabilia

    Jay, That is neat. I was working at FARMALL when they got their 2 million safe manholes. And just day's later it happened! A girl in her early 20's was working in a small parts machining dept and she had interviewed and been accepted onto the Plant Guard force. One Friday night about a week...
  11. D


    I keep a notebook to log maintenance done. Oil changes especially. I also stick to an oil & filter change every 25 running hours. The 10 & 14 hp Kohlers only take shat, 1-1/2 quarts, the Onan & Kawasaki both have filters and take 2 or 2-1/2 quarts. On the Tank zero turn I've kept yearly rub...
  12. D

    Motor oil

    CURT- your manual says the same my LZ54 TANK manual says, Mine's a 2014, 260+ hours, I use Lubriplate grease, have had excellent service from high speed roller bearings using it. I had used Mystik JT-6 years ago for about a year and all three sets of mower spindle bearings failed. And engine oil...
  13. D

    Flail mower

    We had a Brillion 6 ft rotary cutter/mower/bush hog and I'm very familiar with the striping when you mow taller vegetation. We pulled it most times with a 35 hp Farmall Super H with narrow front end, plus about half the rear tires left streaks of un-mowed grass. Chopping corn stalks was one of...
  14. D

    Filter/fluid change

    The cast iron rearend housings were all painted via dipping with a really excellent casting sealer before they shipped from the foundry to the IH machine shop, That just about 100% guarantees no rust inside the rearends. The gears & shafts don't get painted, but IH Hy-Tran does absorb about 3%...
  15. D

    Tractor For Sale IH Cub Cadet 72 fir sale

    Be patient, somebody will see it for sale, send you an email and jump in his pickup and take it home. I'd been watching the local paper want ads for months for a Cub Cadet, ANY Cub Cadet except an Original with the V-belt to the driveshaft. I called the seller of the 72, found out he was only...
  16. D

    Mini 1466 clone

    Vince - The story of your mini-1466 reminds me of another custom Cub Cadet. Years and years to build, no expense spared to make it perfect, and it gets caught up in a "Thinning of the herd". I would hope the proud new owner gets around to shows and plow days to show it off. That's one really...
  17. D

    Grading rake

    I had picked up a brochure printed by IH years ago, like the early & mid-1960's that showed all kinds of implements and attachments for Cub Cadets,blades, carts, trenchers, even golf ball retrievers, but I never saw something like that. But I think it should scrape off an inch of dirt and break...
  18. D

    So a friend sent me a text..

    Now granted, I have an AM/FM/cassette deck on my #72, and a total of seven taillights, 2 amber, 4 red, and a separately switched white work light, but NO WHERE do I have a wiring mess like JIM HAS. Jim will get it fixed. I've never had a working hour meter on a CC registering 2000 hours, but...
  19. D

    Is there a bucket attachment for the 169?

    We pay taxes on 2-3/10ths acres. The 80 inch bucket was the standard light materials bucket from Stanhoist Loaders, the most common manure or dirt bucket was 40 inches, I have that too, actually two, one for the Stan-Hoist loader on the M and one for the Ford loader modified to quick-attach to...
  20. D

    Is there a bucket attachment for the 169?

    Greg - I feel your pain removing tree debris. I had a brush pile the astronauts could see from space, it just kept growing bigger and bigger. Wife called around and found a 16 ft hyd dump trailer at a reasonable daily rate. We picked it up Friday, the tailgate was buggered up, replaced it with...