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    NEW IDEA OFFERED A VERSION OF THE ELECTRAC I HAD THEM IN MY dealership for a year and a half and couldn't give them away and ended up returning them. I demonstrated them to lots of people. Not I sale
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    1967 Massey Ferguson 10

    This is a couple of pictures of my Dynamark/ Massey. Same tractor different hood and grill. I was a massey dealer back in the 70s and there was a AMF distributor in Youngstown Ohio Burton supply that sold them the mf 12 Sold for 1375.oo and if I remember correctly the amf was like 100.00...
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    Cub Cadet 1450 Drive line question

    Ok I'm working on a 1450 and it's a total disaster from the previous owner the shaft and the rear coupler was bolted together and the disc's was totally shot. The coupler that is on the pump is VERY sloppy would it be possible to hook it up like the early hydros with a earlier style coupler and...
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    I sold one of those Danuser post hole diggers new in 1973 on a massey 12 to a contractor. Complete machine was like 2300.00 if I remember correctly. 10 seconds 30 inches deep Complete hole finished.
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    104 I purchased from the original owner

    Forgot to mention that I am very partial to the 104 as that was the first garden tractor that I ever drove at 11 years old my brother bought one new. We later became massey ferguson , john deere and kubota dealers. I later went on my own and I sold simplicity toro and Yanmar. But nothing in my...
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    104 I purchased from the original owner

    I purchased this 104 from the original 5 years ago and then sold it 3 years ago, which I regretted ever since. Then I spotted it on Craigslist for sale and I immediately got in touch with the guy and repurchased it without any hesitation. It's got a creeper drive and original paint and perfect...
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    Taking a trip

    It seems like that thought is crossing a lot of folks mind. We spend all of our time collecting and and building all to be gone in a few hours at the drop of a auctioneers gavel. Seems like very few of our kids want to follow in our paths of interest.
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    Steering wheel removal

    Put a Allen bolt in the center I think 5/16 Or 3/8 i Dont remember and put the nut back on flush with the top of the shaft it will keep it from mushrooming. And I use a split puller on the bottom and a 2 jaw to pull it. Work's perfect
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    #7 Trailer

    I'm interested where is it located .I'm up for a road trip
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    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    Check breaker plunger rod if it's aluminum replace it !!!! with a new one there's still lot's of kohlers out there with the original ones In them.
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    Hello from PA

    There used to be a guy out by delmont Dave something I'm in Everson Don't know if he's still around. Try labuda farm supply in herminie they are an old dealer! 724 446 7231 Linda knows all There is about cubs.
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    147 to 1863 rear axle assembly swap

    I get out your way also ive got to go to Michigan and pickup a 1650 i bought, I' got covid in october and been dealing with side effects since then
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    147 to 1863 rear axle assembly swap

    I build hot rods,and custom willys, im in south western PA,
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    147 to 1863 rear axle assembly swap

    Thanks a lot im not up on the newer cubs i have 20 older tractor's, i stretched out one of my 147s by 6 inches so I can get off and on easier. And i want to put dual hydraulics on it Thanks for the info
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    147 to 1863 rear axle assembly swap

    Hopefully someone will know if I can swap a 1863 pump or complete rear axle assembly in my 147 im building a 147 and want a ported pump i have a 1863 parts tractor, thanks in advance for the info.
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    My 125 work horse

    Check the breaker plunger rod, if it is aluminum get a new one. I still run into aluminium ones on a regular basis
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    My Cadets

    Do I see a massey 14 or16 ,and a simplicity hiding in there also,??? all you need is a Deere and a studebaker and you would be in competition with me !!!!! Nice pieces
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    In the market for a good DA

    I've been buying all my sandpaper products from online industrial supply for s few years now I buy flap disks for 30.00 a roll of 10. Fuji wet dry paper etc . Way superior and lots cheaper .
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    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    keeping or selling would be quite interested