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  1. dschwandt

    Adding hydraulic angle to my Haban 54" blade

    Working on adding this cylinder to the blade and milled this pivot point for the dead end after milling the end flat. Original was just a bushing welded to the end that was too small and did not allow for pivot without hitting the mount. It's a bit too long inn the picture and will have to be...
  2. dschwandt

    100 or 122

    No, off should be vertical and on should be at about 2 o'clock. Something is haywire somewhere. I have bought light switches supposedly new for WF's that were bass ackwards as well. Turned to the left for on, instead of to the right
  3. dschwandt

    100 or 122

    That's a FINE looking Cub there Bud. I can see why you brought it hom w/you. Congrats!!
  4. dschwandt

    106 vs 127 vs 147 Newbie Questions

    The 147 is the LAST of the NF's and the FIRST of the 14HP Cubs. ALL THREE of them are part and parcel of series #6 made up of the 106, 107, 126 (3rd rarest Cub produced), 127 and lastly the 147. These plus the 73 that was carried over from the previous series. Series #6 were produced from Sept...
  5. dschwandt

    Gardens 2023

    Looks like you got your bases covered for fall Marty. We are still getting some beans and maters and the last of the musk melons. Have to pick up the butternut squash yet and that will be about it except for plowing son as it dries up some. Les has a couple huge watermelons left yet We are...
  6. dschwandt

    Cub Cadet 129

    LOOKS GREAT Man!! You are not gonna want to get that baby dirty!! Will we see it next June at RPRU???
  7. dschwandt

    Cub Cadet 129

    PLEASE share any plow day info & particulars!! Inquiring minds want/NEED to know!!!
  8. dschwandt

    1512D Spiral pin on driveshaft keeps fallling out. What should I do?

    And it needs to fit tight in both the driveshaft and the coupler or you will have the same issues again soon.
  9. dschwandt

    100 or 122

    Got any pictures of these machines??
  10. dschwandt

    2072 with Haben 60” mower deck

    Both ends of your mower lift bracket, part #16 need to be welded up and re-machined flat with the front ends tapered equally on both sides. We have 4 of these here and on each of them, this bracket, part #16 is not worn as badly as yours See pic's All pins, adjusting blocks and shoulder bolts...
  11. dschwandt

    2072 with Haben 60” mower deck

    Through the fender!!??? I don't think so Tim!!
  12. dschwandt

    2072 with Haben 60” mower deck

    Question: You have never had the deck on the tractor, Correct? And you bought the deck with the tractor? Is part #2 (two of them) bolted to the frame, one on each side just ahead of the wheels? If so, part #1 should hang from them with a 3/4" shaft. Do you have all these parts?? #1, 2 & 3 Part...
  13. dschwandt

    Cub cadet 169 to loader / backhoe ?

    My loader is on a 149m as well, a DanCo model 2149 No mods needed except for the PS addition I added and deleting the original hydraulic lift.
  14. dschwandt

    129 needs a rear pto

    Tillers are available. The one pictured above is a #1 w/both left and right extensions which make it a 42" unit. Should not be hard to find one, either a #1 w/extensions or a 42" #2. Just make sure you get ALL THE PARTS! Front mule drive w/belt, rear gear box and mount w/pulleys and belt guard.
  15. dschwandt

    Cub cadet 169 to loader / backhoe ?

    Your friend is correct, Find a different model to cobble on. The 169 is the 2nd rarest Cub produced and much sought after.
  16. dschwandt

    Parts For Sale #711-3294 Union fitting

    For stacking the later model "square" valves. Shipped w/2 new O rings. I have 7 available at present $25 PPD in US Check or money order preferred. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  17. dschwandt

    IH chipper/shredder

    Bob, is that an ash tree in the background? If so, how are they holding up?. We lost 2 more here recently, most of them BIG ones, to the bugs bringing the total to 6 so far.
  18. dschwandt

    dip stick

    KH-235333 Kohler Good luck!
  19. dschwandt

    Parts For Sale Power Angle plow Hydraulic cylinder

    You can still lock it like the manual tilt units IF you have the lock out manual pin & spring setup available ot a regular clevis pin would do if long enough. Part #6