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  1. Everettlee

    Tractor For Sale 5 cubs,2 snowblowers,4 decks for sale

    Hmmmmm possibly near me I am about 20 miles south of the line
  2. Everettlee

    1872 international cub cadet

    MTD built some price point tractors and some good ones This is one of the good ones
  3. Everettlee

    Motor oil

    I know zinc is important I ruined an Isky cam in my 354 Hemi because of lack of proper zinc level
  4. Everettlee

    Battery cut-off swt

    E-bikes are using lithium batteries and probably charging them when not being used Lead acid batteries in Cubs and charge by the engine Apples to oranges But a battery disconnect is inexpensive
  5. Everettlee

    Parts Wanted tires wanted

    My local tire shop beat Millers price by a mile on the same tires when I purchased a set for my 782, miller does have some found no where else
  6. Everettlee

    14 horse in a 149 leaking oil

    If If If If it is correct, you are correct, but you are assuming it is correct! Part of the problem with aging is that you tend to lose being open minded
  7. Everettlee

    14 horse in a 149 leaking oil

    You are assuming Why ont try and buy enough time to use the tractor for spring planting and then teplace during a slow time
  8. Everettlee

    14 horse in a 149 leaking oil

    Saying an additive to soften old seals is a band aide to me is like saying that you do not polish your Sunday boots, when they get scuffed you replace them I say try it, might last a week might surprise you!
  9. Everettlee


    Thank you for the replies and ideas Just to put a pic on this post. I spent quality time in the garden with my 782 If anyone has a guard for the tiller belt please send a pm
  10. Everettlee


    I do the final card system with my rifles. That way I know how many rounds have been fired, I never consider doing it with garden tractors. The garden tractor obsession is only a few years old for me, or Rifle’s has been for 40 years.
  11. Everettlee


    Have you bypassed the solenoid to confirm that is the issue? I do not mind spending money on parts I need BUT I want them to be needed parts and resolve the issue
  12. Everettlee


    Those are reasonable times I think I will change all no matter how long it has been then I can easily keep track….. as long as I refrain from adding to the collection
  13. Everettlee


    When I grew up on the farm tractor maintenance was simple. New filters and oil before we started work in the spring and again late summer before harvest and fall tillage. Dads tractors got about 250 hours a year. Way overkill but never had any issues My Cubs don’t get 25 hours per year and...
  14. Everettlee

    Motor oil

    Ok guys. Help a fellow out Rotella says it is a diesel oil What difference in the oil makes it a diesel oil.
  15. Everettlee

    The biggest Cub Cadet garden tractor?

    Kind of humorous, $100 million does not sound like that terrible much today
  16. Everettlee

    The biggest Cub Cadet garden tractor?

    Manuals are just another man’s opinion!
  17. Everettlee

    Best Carb Cleaner

    I like Seafoam, it has worked well on a few used mowers I have purchased. Worth a try before rebuilding
  18. Everettlee

    Wheel wwights

    All have benefits and drawbacks The red weight and the JD tractor weights are easy on and off. The JD weights use up the sleeve hitch which is fine for pushing snow but must be removed for garden tillage
  19. Everettlee

    Can't tell what this is

    just west into Indiana is a Cub Cadet hotspot!