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  1. tpalmer

    Thought I was done

    Lubricate the shaft and seal will also help not to damage the seal. :bash:
  2. tpalmer

    982 headlight frustrations

    It looks like possibly a bad ground.
  3. tpalmer

    2082 twins

    450 on a 2082 would really wined the snow. :popcorn1:
  4. tpalmer

    Tractor For Sale Cub 129 with Johnny Bucket Jr.

    I think it's because of all the rain they got.:shame:
  5. tpalmer

    Paint samples.

    I like my 1811alot, I've had it for about 12 years. Its a daily driver but i never cared for the big white hood so i did what i had to do.
  6. tpalmer

    slow cranking

    I had a S/G repaired on my 125 that turn over slow. The amateur he put in was wrong. Got the correct one, now works great.
  7. tpalmer

    what model is it? lol

    I like 1811 vary much. Its smooth and just works well. :)
  8. tpalmer

    Iowa 70

    Now that's how a restoration gets going. That's going to look nice. :p
  9. tpalmer

    One of my lathes, saved from a certain death.

    That's when things were made to work and last. :bear:
  10. tpalmer

    1811 water in the hydro system

    Is a sight glass an option. Mine doesn't have one, it has a dip stick. (Not including the operator) 😜
  11. tpalmer

    Hi From Virginia.

    Vary nice. I like to see equipment brought back to life. And the thing is the older equipment just worked.
  12. tpalmer

    Steering wheel removal

    I would hope your putting a nut on top of the spline shaft so as not to spread it.
  13. tpalmer

    Grader Blade for 1450

    I have one on my 125 use it alot .
  14. tpalmer

    Archive through January 11, 2005

    Hi everybody Iam new on here,this is a great site very infornative. I have a 127 Cub had a starting problem when it got cold out ,rewired the wiring harness adjusted the carb.It started without jumping this morning It is 14 degrees in In southwestern Ohio A couple inches of Snow on ground . I...