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  1. G

    106 vs 127 vs 147 Newbie Questions

    Rob. you do have to remove center rod from handle
  2. G

    106 vs 127 vs 147 Newbie Questions

    Robert don't remember co. name but a net search will show several....lb rating matters,you should be looking around 1000 lb lift ...some where in the range of $ 150 should do it...be aware they are not fast but do the job. ..they need secure mounting or something will bend...I made the front...
  3. G

    Motor oil

    Plastic cam gears, plastic govenor gears, very common today ...molding instead of machining all about costs and planned obsolesence
  4. G

    Gardens 2023

    Well, I'm an old fart and life has taught me to be ready for winter by Oct. 1 and hope for the best until it comes..I pulled some tomato plants that still had green ones then hung them up, they will continue to ripen for a while..
  5. G

    106 vs 127 vs 147 Newbie Questions

    David, I shy away from the 318 because of Onan prices, they are terrible
  6. G

    Tractor For Sale 1450 & snow blower attachment

    CD ,try craigs list..I don't post fb just look for sale items
  7. G

    106 vs 127 vs 147 Newbie Questions

    David,i added an elec lift to a 108 that works just fine..make sure you get one that holds where you stop it...cheap ones just follow gravity..just had to make a front bracket to mount and bolt it to frame..some brackets came with it..
  8. G

    100 or 122

    great looking 122,creeper and all ...in the low side in first gear you won't believe how slow it moves but lots of torque..congrats
  9. G

    Gardens 2023

    summer is over,spread about 10,000 lbs of manure on garden ,roto in with 6 ft tiller.Put it to bed for the winter....I'll be wishing for fresh veggies very soon...
  10. G

    Tractor For Sale 1450 & snow blower attachment

    CD, price is more relative to your area it seems..Suggest a net search based on ohio f.b. for comparison..there are many for sale (including some of mine ) all over the the U.S.
  11. G

    Tractor For Sale 1450 & snow blower attachment

    CD, I doubt you get a lot of action without pics unless you just want to answer a lot of questions..no pics no price ???
  12. G

    WNY Cubs: 106, 107, 147, and Original

    JP ,mine has notch in pulley no kick,about 2 1/2 on the output side. Original carb plugged with a piece of rubber to protect it...no spark yet...I am hopeful...hope we didn't smear someones post...I'll get back to ya'..
  13. G

    WNY Cubs: 106, 107, 147, and Original

    Mike ..just can't imagine out of projects.I can't live long enough for all my"projects" JP will like this ...brought home a Briggs "y" with good comp 1934 ,even has original carb..
  14. G

    100 or 122

    Richard,I have a couple of 10 hp and 12 hp also a 122 that I really appreciate.My opinion ,I would go with 122 although it is manual shift .It will do about anything I ask it to including mowing...
  15. G

    Another newbie.

    Jean, I have 5 cubs for sale ..ranging from 175 to 450....sold 1 for 400 that was nice with blade...for what it's worth...
  16. G

    All Things Deer

    neighbor girl,11 yrs old, just tagged a 13 pt still in velvet...Mi. has an early youth hunt...
  17. G

    Bottom port is leaking at the lift/lower valve.

    Greg, Jay (previous) probably gave best advice ...have a new hose made up to replace metal line..p.o. once a crack is found the next one is not far away...A lot of vibration in all these machines ...note most construction equip has a hose in system somewhere..
  18. G

    Front Reel mover

    If your just looking for a front mount mower..I fabbed this several yrs ago.It worked fine on level spots but because no wheels were involved it would dig into small hills.It worked great for trimming the river bank.It was simply belted to engine with a tension device controlled from seat...it...
  19. G

    Scam or not?

    Tyler, what's your gut feeling? The fact your asking for opinions tells me your not comfortable with the situation.Names mean nothing ,I got stung for $300 bucks 2 mos. ago.The name he gave also was from my area..Nope not really...He drove away with my mower in his truck (partial payment)