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    Cub cadet 800 motor question

    can anyone provide some help with identifying if the motor in my 800 is original or different. Reason I ask is the starter needs replaced and I got to looking and I Dnt believe it has the special “small” starter. Thanks for the help !
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    Parts For Sale K301 for sale

    K301 for sale Ran when pulled apart Was goin to use for a repower after I rebuilt it (small amount of smoke on startup), but went a different route, (diesel apu motor swap) all parts included (no clutch basket however) 100$ Located in nescopeck PA
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    Tractor For Sale Cub cadet 800 for sale

    Thank you for the reply harry. Glad to know I have a “rare” piece of garden tractor history !
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    Quite line clutch info

    Thank you very much !
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    Tractor For Sale Cub cadet 800 for sale

    Sure can, later on tonite I will get a picture up.
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    Parts For Sale 1966 122 cub part out

    Have a few things from a 1966 122 for sale rear end 100$ blade 50$ deck 50$ frame and steer axle 75$ if anyone is interested in anything else please let me know fairly rough shape but I would like to see anything possible used off this before I park it in the hedgerow
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    Quite line clutch info

    Currently swapping a cc rear into my 1100 quiet line to replace the wimpy peerless, does anybody have any pictures they can provide of the clutch setup and pedal linkages for clutch as well as the brake (new rear is internal brake). Thank you !
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    Cc 1100 rear swap ?

    I would like to do that but I am not sure if one would be available since the 1100 model never came with a cc rear, just a driveshaft to the 90 degree gearbox
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    Cc 1100 rear swap ?

    Do u happen to know the diameter off the top of your head ? If not I’ll measure tonite
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    Cc 1100 rear swap ?

    solid round stock ?
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    Cc 1100 rear swap ?

    Has anyone ever swapped an IH rear with creeper gear into an 1100? Already swapped the old tired Briggs to a 12 hp kohler magnum. Moving some dirt today with my homemade blade my peerless rear gave me some trouble ( as expected). All the bolt holes appear to be there. Also wondering what to...
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    Tractor For Sale Cub cadet 800 for sale

    Cc 800 for sale Aftermarket starter unfortunately (installed by PO) Original air cleaner housing No side shields No mower deck Shifter recently repaired Runs well Brand new battery located in nescopeck PA 700$ thank you
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    Parts For Sale ISO wide frame plow mount

    looking to trade or buy a CC wide frame plow mount for cc1100. Currently have a narrow frame setup to trade- barter. Also have a cc snow blower that could be considered for trade- bartering. To buy plow outright 100$ and or 100 for snow blower. Located in Nepa
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    Cub cadet 800

    What would everyone think a fair price is for a cc 800. ? Motor runs well, starter is unfortunately aftermarket, original air cleaner housing, no side shields, and no deck. Anyone bought one in recent time? Don’t want to get rich but don’t want to be taken advantage of. I do really like the...
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    New guy from PA

    Thank you for the input. I am aware of the peerless being pretty weak and am considering a swap to a regular ih rear with creeper gear. Definitely will not be removing any parts from the 800 as I see it is quite the collectors piece. I’m very happy I stumbled across such a rare piece of machinery.
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    New guy from PA

    Thank you sir. Nepa ?
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    New guy from PA

    Hey everyone, new to the group! Happy to be here. Currently own a 78 1100 that I swapped a 10hp kohler into and a 800 I just picked up and am currently selling. Also have about a dozen “red” and “green” projects.
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    Tractor For Sale Cub 800$ forsale

    Anyone interested interested in a cub 800 ? located in bloomsburg PA