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    full throttle or hydro fails?!

    Some folks have too much time. You're fine. I do the same. The operator manual for my 1650 sez to adjust engine speed for the load. I believe it implies no lugging. So for moving around, towing a wagon, or towing the neighbor's tractor, I'm above idle or below 2,200 rpm. For mowing it's...
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    Flail mower

    When we bought our small acreage I rented a large walk behind flail. It was great for 2-3 ft. weeds and brambles. Turned everything into "mulch". Deck mowers are more for "kept" lawns. One year an acre got away and I sure could of used one like that instead of the deck mower.
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    Coil is hot

    Yes they do, 3.2 - 4 ohms. As long as the coil is in that range I've never had any get hot when running and the points last a long time.
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    torque wrench recommendations

    There ya go. Repeatability will cost. Craftsman can be luck depending on their supplier for the time. The thing with Snap-On is their tools get used just about every month if not throughout a week and usually last a career.
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    Breaking Insane Tire Bead

    Cool move. The local shop that does Class 8 rigs to agricultural does that occasionally for big tires on old equipment, especially if it had calcium chloride. On disposal of old tires, there's a fee now but it's kind of a sliding scale. If it is just to dump a tire to two, it $10 per carcass...
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    Breaking Insane Tire Bead

    Just to dismount??
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    Breaking Insane Tire Bead

    I've come to accept that MY time is money too. Several days as a monkey onna football vs. an hour or less at the tire shop. I'll take the tire shop
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    torque wrench recommendations

    One nice thing about a beam wrench is as long as the pointer is on zero at rest, you're good to go. No calibration needed or clicker over center parts wearing. The 1st I would ask is what range will most of your work be in? Torque wrenches are most accurate at 20% to 85% of scale; for example...
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    Cold Start

    That's interesting that it seems to be down to a year's life on batteries. I'd check all the electrical connections for clean and tight. Check the alternator's output for charging current to make sure it's keeping the battery up to snuff. Check the starter relay for voltage drop. Have the...
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    Cold Start

    I didn't say it takes that long, it's just what I do. By the time I've checked the oil and open the barn door, it's ready.
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    Cold Start

    I go to a local automotive electric shop for batteries. The owner turned me on to battery maintainers. He said trickle chargers never shut off, and if you forget them they can overcharge a battery. That's probably why my 6 volt tractor battery only lasted 1 1/2 years. A maintainer will turn...
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    129 k301 crush washer

    I use copper drain plug washers from an auto parts store. I never did trust plastic. Good thing you caught it, it doesn't take long for a quart or so to disappear.
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    1650 "refresh"

    Great picture Bret!! I got curious and went through the Owner's Manual again. It's a bit ambiguous, but there it is:
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    1650 "refresh"

    Glad to see another 1650 ! You're going through a lot of what I've done, especially the oil pan and engine mounts. You may find OEM mounts will give better service. The 16 Hp Kohlers are real thumpers and I'm sure some engineering went into them for enough flex to not allow frame and sheet...
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    Wood splitting

    I believe it. I flew into Minneapolis St Paul on a clear day once years ago, and I never saw so many "ponds" in one place in my life before. From the looks of the pictures, your red oak seems straighter grained and easier splitting than our white oak .
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    Wood splitting

    What trees/wood is common for heating in the "Land of 1,000 Lakes" ??
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    Wood splitting

    Thousands of better mousetraps and better wood splitters fill the ads. The ads make them look easy and more effecient, and if you're observant the wood the ads use is usually a straight grain soft wood. Out here in the PNW we have a lot of fir which is usually nice but boy that hemlock can be...
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    Cub Cadet dealer auction. 8460 EDINBORO RD, MCKEAN, PA 16426 12/10/22

    according to tradtion: this stuff at this time of year it IS the North Pole
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    Islandgirl from Ponchatoula, LA.

    Welcome aboard Cathi! Posting pictures/photos, if you can, will be a huge help in getting the correct parts and advise. It's also kinda fun in seeing the new "patient" :) . It's always one step at a time.
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    Cold and a 1650 Hydro Unit

    Okay. Thank you