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  1. mfeste

    800 Carburetor and Choke Pictures

    Looking for some help with 800 carb and choke routing pictures. My 800 carb has the choke lever coming out the left side and it doesn‘t look correct, and I am in need of a new carburetor and would like to get the right one. Thank you, Mike
  2. mfeste

    2020 RPRU in SD

    It was nice meeting you also Vince! Mike
  3. mfeste

    2020 RPRU in SD

    Some trucks and M1s
  4. mfeste

    2020 RPRU in SD

    More pics
  5. mfeste

    2020 RPRU in SD

    Here are some pictures from the show for those who couldn't make it. It was a great show and chapter #21 did a wonderful job!
  6. mfeste

    28th Annual National Red Power Round Up Des Moines Iowa June 15-16-17 2017

    Thought I would post some random pictures from Red Power for anybody who was unable to attend. Thanks Mike
  7. mfeste

    The Perfect Plow Tractor?

    If I wanted to add hydraulic lift to a 582 or and wide frame, I would do it like this. Use as much as you can of what IH made, from hydraulic lift equipped tractor. Then add a small pump driven off the driveshaft. I can not take credit for this, it is posted on another Cub Cadet site, and...
  8. mfeste

    LED shop lights

    Be careful with LED fixtures and bulbs they are not all created equal. For shop use it doesn't pay to go with LED fixtures and if you figure the wattage difference between a T8 lamp and a LED replacement lamp you only save 8-12 watts per lamp. Here are the 2 most common shop lights I used to...
  9. mfeste

    Archive through November 21, 2013

    John B The updated 50 years of Cub Cadet is available here. http://www.greenmagazine.com/shop.asp?cat=all&id=156 It is a great book!
  10. mfeste

    Archive through November 19, 2010

    Thank you very much guys for all info. I had never thought of a sheered key way but that is possible, and yes it has back fired before. It would also explain all the issues. Is there any adjustment to the timing other than points gap? Thanks again Mike
  11. mfeste

    Archive through November 19, 2010

    Thank you Melody, I am going to try a different carb try and pick one up on ebay, if that doesn't do it I think I will pull the motor this winter and see what I can find. If the carb doesn't fix it I am thinking it is the ACR or timing issue? Thank you, Mike
  12. mfeste

    Archive through November 18, 2010

    I rebuilt the carb about a month ago to try and fix the promblem I did a couple hour soak on it and blew everything out with compressed air and carb cleaner. It runs the same as it did before the rebuild. I set the carb to the manual setting and have adjusted from there. There is some...
  13. mfeste

    Archive through November 18, 2010

    Thank you Scott & Allen for the help. I tried spraying carb cleaner in it as I throttled up, it got the rpms to come up but it still runs like crap when it gets there, it misses and surges. When starting it seems like the timing is off it starts hard and compresses gas out the carb when...
  14. mfeste

    Archive through November 18, 2010

    I have a 1450 that is giving me fits, it won't rev up or gain RPM it idles ok but you go to rev it up and it just wants to die. If you play with it just right and do get it to gain RPM it misses and shudders, and runs terrible. I have done fuel filter, air filter, carb kit, different gas...