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  1. tkhoffman

    Parts Wanted Air filter cover

    The air filter for both setups ate the same so it may fit or #14 might be too deep for the threaded rod. #14 is what I have on my 782 if you need measurements
  2. tkhoffman

    Gas in oil in kohler magnum 18hp

    No adjustment. Either leaking at Needle valve seat or float has a hole and is sinking. I would think you'd have way much gas in oil and possibly coming out of the carb of float was sinking. You can probably just buy a needle valve.
  3. tkhoffman

    Picture of my Cub Cadets

    Thanks. For the picture. I would suspect the mounting is very different. Customizing the mounting is not strange to me. I've put small block Chevy engines in 1980s Toyota pickups, Chevy Vegas, my '75 jeep and in a Volvo 700 series. So putting an engine that actually has been put in as a...
  4. tkhoffman

    14 horse in a 149 leaking oil

    A Lil brake fluid caused the rubber seals to swell. Nothing Hacky about that. I'm sure they use something else in the 'high mileage' oils that they sell but basically these oils are softening and swelling seals
  5. tkhoffman

    Picture of my Cub Cadets

    Oldish post, I know. Was searching for pics of the 782D. Was hoping to see how they put the 3 cyl Kubota in there. I have a dream to put in a gas Kubota in my gas 782. Curious about radiator placement and is driveshaft same length and configuration on the two 782 machines? Thanks
  6. tkhoffman

    '85 782 carb # for original K17

    Thanks..... Update.. Took the carb off. ONLY numbers to be with founding body was 5247805. The holes in main jet/needle valve looked clear, emulsion tube holes looked clear, bowl had no 'crap' in it. The angled needle valve looked clean. So, no smoking gun here. Sprayed everything with...
  7. tkhoffman

    '85 782 carb # for original K17

    Tug kind of let me down today. It ran great all winter and fine a week ago. This morning, a little hard starting, had to fiddle with the Choke which I never have to do. Even after it was warm, it just wasn't happy. I nursed it along to accomplish what I needed. Just wondering, before I...
  8. tkhoffman

    New whacker reco’s

    I have aquired many whackers over the years. Cleaned the carbs and used them. They are fine. THEN I fixed and used Stihl 85 I think it was. Oh boy, just nice. Balanced better, clutch works nicer, tap feeder works well. Big dollars but it does work nicer. My one son bought a 4 stroke...
  9. tkhoffman

    check out CC articulated 1200 on Ebay

    Seems a bit front heavy. Very cool! Gotta love articulation for not digging up sod.
  10. tkhoffman

    What year is my CC?

    Maybe Oregan Blades makes a Cross
  11. tkhoffman

    Ideal Blade Tip Speed?

    AND make sure the blades are facing the correct way. Soo many times people accidently put blades on upside-down.
  12. tkhoffman

    Parts For Sale Rear Tires

    I would ask Seller as to how he ships them. Many tire sellers squeeze the Tire Beads together and folds the center of the tire. This makes it VERY hard to get the tires to stay and take air
  13. tkhoffman

    Had to make noise

    I have those on a few pieces of equipment. The nipple for the host works out nice on so equipment that had you dumping oil all over. They do drain slower then I'd like. I have the other Company that makes these... EZ Drain (?)
  14. tkhoffman

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Probably just a hardened rubber tip on the needle valve. I have that intermittent problem, I just put a Shut-off in line. It's become second nature to hop off the tractor, open hood and shut off the valve
  15. tkhoffman


    Look at the solenoid. Find the two big nuts with heavy gauge wire on them. One big stud should come direct from battery (it will always have 12V on it). Test light or volt meter will confirm that. Now turn the key to Crank engine.. When you hear the click (indicating the solenoid engaged)...
  16. tkhoffman

    Motor oil

    I too figured it was some eco B. S. . Now one has to find an additional container to dump the old oil. Like switching from paper bags to plastic, to save tree a but now we are back to paper. Knee jerk politics
  17. tkhoffman

    Motor oil

    I agree, my local one always had the 2.5 gallon jug of Rosella 15-40 diesel. New manager and now nothing on the shelf. Even after a few neighbors requested it. Our tractors require 2.5 gallons. It's nice to use one container to Fill the Machine and the same container to load the old oil...
  18. tkhoffman

    Cub Cadet 1000 Carb

    I would guess it is as you predicted, the rubber Seat or Needle valve tip dried up and you are getting gas bypassing into the cylinder. How gassy does your oil smell? Is the dipstick level higher?