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  1. Greg Carpenter

    Breaking Insane Tire Bead

    I welded a scissor jack upside down on a receiver, where the trailer ball would go. Once inside the receiver hitch on back of truck, the jack can be lowered to the tire bead and basically become a bead-breaker. You can also use a large bolt and washers to mount the jack instead of welding.
  2. Greg Carpenter

    1975 1450 Cab?

    I'd like to know if anyone is selling a cab for that would fit a 1975 1450. I just bought it and restoring it. Would like to add a cab if possible.
  3. Greg Carpenter

    Hello everyone.

    Thanks. I bought a 75 1450, and I look forward to restoring it the best I can.
  4. Greg Carpenter

    Hello everyone.

    I'm new here and looking forward to participating more with other members, and learning more about the Cub Cadet experience. I just bought a used 1975 CubCadet that cane with mowing deck and snow plow. Runs great for its age. Will eventually look for a tiller and enclosed weather cab for it...