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    6-12 tire blowout

    I always used the RV tire covers on my motor homes living in Arizona. Even with covers I had to replace tires every 5 to 6 years due to sidewall cracking. The funny thing was the inside dual tires were cracked as bad as the outside tires even though they never seen any sunlight. I doubt the...
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    1250 Stalls when hot. Cools down and then starts like a champ

    If the condenser, or coil suggestions don’t fix it I would suggest looking at the head gasket. I have seen those symptoms with a bad head gasket. The tractor would run fine until it got hot and the gasket would open up, tractor would stumble, choking would seem to help but then it would quit...
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    1450 Tow Lever and Dump Valve Lever on 1974-What else Missing?

    I suppose you could find an old JD-140 and cut out the screw down valve release from the floor pan and weld it into a Cub Cadet valve pan cover. Just saying..
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    Homemade Wheel Weights

    Just a thought if you ever do another set, you could drill 4 holes in the cake pan with the correct spacing for the wheel bolt holes, then bolt in a piece of pipe in each hole the correct diameter for the rim attaching bolts. Once it sets up remove the attached bolts and you would have holes...
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    Archive through September 12, 2019

    Digger, so that’s probably why I never saw a benefit for a steering knob....
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    We've got a pretty great group here....

    It’s 108.7 here in Phoenix area, but the humidity is only about 2 percent. Like they say (It’s a DRY HEAT).
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    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Paul, just to add to that, if the wear was the same all around tire I would think a bent axle, but the wear looks like it is mainly one area making me thing more along a bent rim, a bad tire, or possibly a bad hub.
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    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Paul, jack that wheel up and spin it while holding something close to see if the tire is running straight or has wobble in it.
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    Archive through July 02, 2019

    David S., my hats off to you, a very impressive line up of Cubs. At one time I had 14 running cub cadets and a few green tractors, and it was a full time job keeping tires inflated, batteries charged, oil changes, and good fuel in the gas tanks.
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    Archive through May 30, 2019

    Harry, if you get to ARIZONA look me up, we can have a coffee and shoot the breeze.
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    Archive through May 08, 2019

    WHAT NO BELL???? You have to have a bell.
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    Archive through May 03, 2019

    Art, the very first gasket I made is on my 1450 and to this day hasn’t leaked a drop. I made others and installed on different Cubs that I no longer own so I can’t speak for them. I also put one on my 782 when I rebuilt it and both the 1450 and 782 are still working daily with no leaks.
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    Archive through April 15, 2019

    Charlie, from the looks of your wood pile, you either had a mild winter or you have awhile to go to spring.
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    Looking for a place to purchase a large metal tractor silhouette.

    Bill James, talk about a small world,I checked out the link you gave and it turns out Mike lives about a mile from my old house. Sounds like he can do about anything I want and I can drive over and pick it up. Thanks for the link.
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    Looking for a place to purchase a large metal tractor silhouette.

    I am looking for a large (3 to 4 foot high) metal tractor silhouette suitable for mounting on the outside front wall of my house. My neighbors have different art like coyotes, cactus, geckos, etc. I want something different. I have searched the internet and not found any place that...
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    Doug, my brother had prostate cancer three years ago that had spread throughout his body. They wanted him to start chemo and radiation, he agreed to the radiation but wouldn’t take the chemo, instead he started taking cannabis that his kids wanted him to try. The cannabis is legal in Montana...
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    Anybody with bad Arthritis?

    When I drink Jim Beam it makes me think I’m young again and that only leads to more trouble.
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    Anybody with bad Arthritis?

    Frank, the guy at the dispensary recommended the 300 mg for me. They also had a gel in a container that you just squeeze out and spread around the sore area. I wish I would have bought that too to try out, I may go back and get it. The salve looks like vaseline but it is a hard substance so I...
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    Archive through August 25, 2018

    Jim when it starts acting up does it act like it’s loosing compression? If you rule out fuel and ignition it could be compression. I had a bad head gasket give symptoms like that. Did you check the head for flatness when you rebuilt the engine? If you run with a bad head gasket long enough...
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    Anybody with bad Arthritis?

    Frank I bought it at a local dispensary but you can see it on line at truinfusioncbd.com , CBD TOPICAL SALVE. I Paid $50 for a 300 mg container,seems like a lot of money unless your really hurting. I hope it works as I would like to cut back on all the pain pills before my liver and kidneys...